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CNN was found to be guilty of exactly the behavior that it shouts the loudest. It’s again

Irony is everywhere. They are the ones who rail against misinformation about vaccinations. Their loudest critics are those who promote false narratives. Oliver Darcy has just been scouring Fox News’ journalism practices for a week. The latest in blatant misinformation from Fox News arrives through its ironically named vehicle Trustworthy SourcesIt’s that simple. Let’s just dig into the fun.

The bulk of newsletter entries are normally written by Brian Stelter, but Stelter was on vacation and needed to attend an HBO World Premiere event. So, Oliver Darcy became his ward.

Big Mistake. Darcy is on a bit of a streak, reporting a lot of broken news reports. We reported on this just days ago. How he was completely embarrassedFox News, while trying to denigrate it for bad journalism, is actually failing at journalism. Now, he’s back to the nadir of low standards.

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In last night’s dispatch, Darcy decided to go after The Washington Examiner, for — in his perceived judgment — the outlet’s vaccine hypocrisy. The publisher Mark Walters is his launch point. He had previously tweeted against mask mandates. Darcy, who is known for his prose writing, took advantage of this position. This is an extract from that notice.

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Is there a Vax Mandate for You, but Not for Me?

Take a peek at the twitter feedMark WaltersThe Head of MediaDCIt is also the parent company for the conservative Washington ExaminerIt would seem that he is against vaccine mandates.

Walters, for example, posted two tweets on Tuesday slamming mandates. But that seems awfully ironic, given that his own company has implemented a “mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy” for its staffers.

According to that policy, which was reported on at the time it was announced, unvaccinated employees must wear a mask at all times, submit regular negative tests, and don’t have full access to the office. Of course, this is just part of a larger trend of hypocrisy on the subject in conservative media…

This petty, petulant screed has the most remarkable aspect: Ollie’s ability to be blatantly wrong within one paragraph. Darcy proves to be unable comprehend his claim.

A) Darcy is calling this a “vaccine mandate,” but he goes on to write that there are in fact “unvaccinated employees” in the Examiner offices. This is a tad worse than the accused hypocrisy  — it is a flat-out contradiction and one he fails to even capture.

B) Oliver makes his deliveryHere’s a link that will take you to The Hill. About the Washington Examiner policy. This serves as the supposed proof of Darcy’s claims, except that Hill article provides details that blast his accusations out of the water.

Waters is quoted by them on office requirements. Waters lays out quite a different scenario. “There is no risk to anyone’s job if they are not vaccinated. They will just follow our policies.” Um…those words — SelectAnd no one at risk —These are completely different from a mandate.

C) It is impossible to claim hypocrisy when the Examiner, in fact, has been a provaccine outlet. Back to February of 2002, when vaccines became available for a larger portion of the nation. The vaccines have been described as safe, effective and necessary. to end the pandemic. “Enough is enough. Flattening is impossible. It is now much less likely that the virus will spread than during the first days of pandemic. And now we have a vaccine that will protect the most vulnerable within a few months.”

D) Although the Examiner might have taken an anti-vaccine position, it would not be hypocritical to consider its office requirements as being hypocritical. They are located in Washington D.C. and the rules could be considered compliance with local safety ordinances.

Darcy did not even read the article that he gave, which also explained how it was a provision for area businesses. “Washington, D.C. Muriel BowserThe district announced it would now impose a mandatory mask requirement for everyone indoors. This move has been criticized by conservative critics..”

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Oliver Darcy is now in the second week of being tripped by an inability to carry out basic journalism. Now in itself, this is not a surprise, nor is it a ‘gotcha’ moment. Oliver is not only examining this malpractice in media reporting, but he is also highlighting other news outlets’ alleged journalistic lapses or refusals to report certain stories.

This is the CNN protocol, it appears — charge others as guilty of the very behavior they enact. Stelter boasted last week about Fox News’ inability to report on and failures to break news stories. While Stelter is blaming Fox News for not reporting on the developments at the border and ignoring numerous reports Fox broke while covering the region, the network continues to ignore them.

The lone time CNN did cover border news was when the network spent days raging about agents whipping immigrants crossing into the country — what we all know now to have been a completely inaccurate story. CNN is continuing to give lectures about journalism ethics, and so the CNN newsroom continues spreading misinformation and fabricating false stories. This isn’t outrageous, but is becoming more amusing.

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