Advertising on TikTok: Is It Worth Spending Money On?

Apps for young people are becoming more and more popular, and one of them – TikTok – has already won the love of generation Z. How to launch ads on TikTok, if your potential buyers are there, we will consider in this article.

TikTok is a short music video recording and messaging app. The platform currently has 800 million active users, showing a rise in popularity higher than Facebook and Instagram. The content on TikTok is simple and straightforward: short videos, similar to the usual Instagram Stories (maximum duration – 60 seconds).

The audience accepts dance, humor and music videos best of all, but you can also find other topics, for example, TV shows, lifestyle blogs, pets, someone posting graffiti, someone hand-made. Thus, young people easily find like-minded people, whatever they are interested in.

The application interface is intuitive even for very young users; in general, it resembles Instagram most of all. Main sections: news feed, tips, section for creating your own video, notifications, and user account.

The developers have tried to ensure that engagement occurs from the first minutes: immediately after downloading the application, even before formal registration, a new user begins to receive recommendations that allow him to easily interact with the application.

Service Management

Service management is also extremely simple, which is noted by the Tiktokers themselves: you can change videos and open sections with swipes (swiping gestures), easy video processing, a timer, adjusting the recording speed, many filters and masks for applying effects help in creating videos. A distinctive feature of this particular application is a huge library of musical recordings inherited from the application, which was attached to TikTok several years ago. You can also note other “chips” of the application, for example, TikTok Coins, Gifts and others that create additional value for interaction, video recording in the format of duets and reactions, etc.

Applications for recording short videos appear and disappear quite quickly, you can count a dozen analogs that skyrocketed and just as quickly lost popularity. Therefore, businesses are looking closely at TikTok, trying to guess how this communication channel can be useful to them. And the owners of the application, in turn, add more advertising opportunities to the application.

How to run ads on TikTok

Textless communication – videos and pictures are a new language of youth, and modern platforms allow every young person to declare themselves and their interests, become the author of their own block, hear others and be heard. This is why they are so popular.

Obviously, the audience from 13 to 25 years old is not interesting for all businesses due to low solvency. But if the business has something to offer this audience, it should be there and speak with it in an accessible language.

First of all, any company can create its own profile and show its products or services in it in the format of the content accepted on the platform. A powerful recommendation system allows you to quickly promote even accounts that do not have subscribers – a few impressions in the recommendations, and now the profile has the first fans and likes. If the company has an Instagram account or YouTube channel, creating a popular profile will be easier due to the existing audience: it can be invited to TikTok.

Thus, now a new direction “SMM in TikTok” is being formed, when the company invites a “TikToku specialist” to work. Such an employee does everything that the already familiar “classic SMM” does – prepares video scripts and shoots videos, interacts with subscribers, and is also often responsible for advertising opportunities.

Interaction with other TikTokers often takes a partnership format: joint videos, challenges, reactions to videos of other bloggers. Methods that have already become obsolete in other social networks may also work: for example, giveaways practically do not work on Instagram, but they are still successful on TikTok.

It should be noted that the site strictly monitors the placement of “illegal” advertising and “gray” promotion methods, in particular, cheating. Of course, not yet as closely as on Instagram, but in general the videos are moderated and all doubtful situations in the accounts are tracked.

Tik Tok advertising methods

Of course, the platform, due to its functionality, is suitable for the work of music labels. Since music videos are used in the application as a hashtag and all the videos that use it are visible in the section of each song, the growth in popularity of a new track can be simply overwhelming.

It is not uncommon for compositions not to be received who have been recognized on other channels (for example, on YouTube), went with a bang to Tik Tok.

A more common option, convenient for those who do not need a “corporate Tiktoker”, is to work with bloggers. Finding a popular blogger is easy: the number of subscribers and the total number of likes from all videos are reflected in the profile, which allows you to quickly assess the popularity of the account. It is also worth analyzing the number and content of comments and make sure that the blogger’s audience matches the target audience of the proposed product.

Cooperation formats can be different. The blogger can carry out a creative analysis of the product, make an interesting video (for example, make an underwater filming for the offered products), mention the promoted account in his video.

The main advertising option for large brands is basic placement methods. Since the advertising system of the application was recently launched and is constantly being improved, information about advertising opportunities changes very quickly.

Currently, advertising campaigns on TikTok can have one of four goals: reach, traffic, conversions and app installs. Payment methods: Pay per click or per impression.

Advertising is available in the following placements:

TopView is a format that displays an ad right after entering the application.Takeover – This format is similar to the previous one, but it can contain a video of several seconds in length, with a link to the site or a unique hashtag.In-feed – feed ads that resemble Instagram feed ads. You can add links and interactive elements to them, encourage you to go to your profile.

Hashtag challenge – a banner that appears in the challenge section. The mechanics of the challenge are simple: you need to shoot a video and post it with a specific hashtag.Brand effects – branded masks and stickers that appear for a limited time, can be performed as 2D, 3D and AR effects.To simplify the creation of ad creatives, the developers created the Video Creation Kit and Dynamic Creative, which allow you to create videos from images, use video templates, and automatically optimize ads.

Targeted advertising on Tik Tok

The main question that advertisers are interested in is targeted advertising in TikTok: is it possible to set up a target in TikTok to the desired audience. Currently, there are already a lot of targeting opportunities, besides, advertising opportunities are constantly developing and we can expect that the situation will change rapidly in this direction.

Setting up targeting allows you to determine the geographic location of the audience, age and gender, language, interests, devices used, version of the operating system. Also, the advertiser can upload his own list of identifiers if he wants to show ads to certain people or expand the list using look-alike.

So far, the most frustrating aspect of advertising on TikTok is the entry threshold. Currently, the minimum budget is stated as $ 500 at the campaign level and $ 50 at the ad group level, which drastically narrows the pool of potential advertisers.

Thus, it is technically not more difficult to launch advertising on TikTok than on any other social network, but its accessibility for small and even more micro-businesses is much lower.

What to look for when launching advertising on TikTok in USA

The most frequent advice that those who want to launch advertising on TikTok meet: work through the official partners of the application. In addition to the fact that the service does not accept payments in rubles, and the partnership easily solves this problem, there are other aspects that the partner helps to solve.

The partnership resolves the issue with the tools used, obtaining technical support, and selecting bloggers. For example, an agency manager might provide information about accounts, reach, cost, and contact information for the advertiser to make the final choice. The agency can also monitor the progress of the advertising campaign, the selection of creatives: due to the variability of the interests of the youth audience, creatives quickly “burn out”.

If we are talking about advertising integration among bloggers, you can independently find an interesting blogger on the Russian-speaking Internet and agree on joint work or partnership.

It is easy to find blogger exchanges in the form of VKontakte groups or private offers in TikTok itself, many bloggers leave in their profiles notifications of readiness for advertising cooperation and an invitation for discussion in Direct on Instagram, and prices start from 200 rubles. Due to the underdevelopment of monetization within the system, bloggers are often open to cooperation.

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