Adam Carolla Perfectly Points Out How Dumb Our Society Has Become – Opinion

Are you a representative of someone with a similar appearance? This seems to be true to the majority of media.

In a new episode of The Adam Carolla Show the host put a spotlight on America’s increasing emphasis on the “identity” of our outer shells.

In a segment that aired Friday, Carolla and crew discussed actor Peter Dinklage’s recent statements on a popular podcast.

As covered by RedState’s Brandon Morse, the Game of Thrones star — who was born with dwarfism — dumped on Disney’s planned live-action version of Snow White:

“Literally no offense to anyone, but I was a little taken aback when they were very proud to cast a Latina actress as Snow White — but you’re still telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

“You’re progressive in one way,” Peter posed, “but then you’re still making that [darn]A backstory of seven dwarves sharing a cave in which they live together. How did it all come about? [heck]Are you doing what? Are you doing anything for the cause? I guess I’m not loud enough.”

On Adam’s show, he and co-host Gina Grad asked guest Brad Williams his thoughts on the Dinklage ordeal.

Comedian and actor Brad has achondroplasia — the same as Peter.

“[R]ight in the middle of the Peter Dinklage situation…Brad’s now sought after,” Adam said.

Carolla pointed to a very popular paradigm.

“It’s…interesting that we’ve decided — as a society — that if something happens to an individual, we just find another individual that sort of looks like that person, and they [can] comment on it.”

Are things so strangely silly that people’s appearance is how they’re prominently grouped?

Survey says…

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In another arena, Americans’ “identities” appear to be increasingly defined by the length of their hair and which department from which they buy their clothes.

Meanwhile, we’re told our “community” doesn’t consist of those who live nearby — neighbors with whom we can come together for safety and strength. Communities are actually just strangers with similar visual characteristics.

Adam was right. This is his example.

“When I was 12, I looked like Donnie Osmond. I wonder if Donnie Osmond would come to me for comment if he was in an airplane crash? Like, ‘Well, as a white guy who has big teeth and unruly hair, my feelings are…’”

It is important to appear in order for the interviewer to succeed.

“We do that with black people. It’s like, when they interview Jussie Smollett, like, who’s gonna interview him? It is necessary to interview a person of color. We have to find a black person, a woman, a thing, a dwarf…”

You may recall:

“[T]hat’s not really journalism,” Carolla continued. “This fat guy wants to give an interview. To do this, we need a hepher. We need a fat guy…’”

“To weigh in,” Gina added.

Adam’s not a fan:

“It’s a weird, flawed premise that I’ve never really signed off on.”

We’re living amid strange days. Some people believed that we could transcend judging others based on their appearances at one time. We seem to be doing this more often than we have ever before. In ever-elderly more ways.

As for Brad Williams, he’s on the same page as Adam:

“It just made me realize that there [need]To be more popular little people. Because when one of us has anything that’s going on in the news, I’m apparently Dwarf Al Sharpton. Everyone has to come to me and be like, ‘What’s his take on it?’”

“I like it, it’s a lot of fun,” the actor noted, “but at the same time, a lot of pressure.”

And he’s not really equipped for the job:

“[I] don’t have the Dwarf Al Sharpton hair.”

Few do, Brad…few do.



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