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White entertainer sued for racial discrimination

Actors and actresses of color have had it tough for many years. And one thing I’ve noticed about America is that we’re good at re-stacking decks.

To use another metaphor, we’re not slow to grab the pendulum and swing it up to the sky. Could the culture be radically tick-tocked now? Yes — just watch TikTok.

And where racial casting in Hollywood is concerned, there’s been a clear change.

Television and film today are sticking to their man. People who used to find it hard to obtain jobs are now able do so at the right time and place. One quick look at commercials will reveal a change in ways. Four couples might present, one of which may be bi-racial and the other could be gay. You might well glimpse a lone Caucasian, and don’t doubt the chance of transgenderism entering the frame.

Amid our evolution, the numbers dictate a sort of switcheroo: If you’re a Person of the Pale, your chance of snagging a role pales in comparison to 1986.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard it from Tinsletown tenants: The production breakdown indicates a search for “anything not white” to fill a given role.

So goes a director’s vision — or the aim of diversity officers.

And amid entertainment’s melanin makeover comes the story of comedian Tyler Fischer. As reported by the New York Post, the 35-year-old was searching for a talent manager in 2020 when he connected with Manhattan’s AGI Entertainment Media & Management. The firm boasts some sizable names — journalist Natalie Morales, Big BrotherComedy comedian Colin Quin and Julie Chen as host.

“He said, ‘Would you want to audition for Curb Your Enthusiasm?It was all these great shows, so I thought it would be a pleasure to have them as my collaborators. [me],” Fischer told The Post.

Tyler was all pink. However, Tyler may have suffered from this very color.

Months went by and nothing happened, said Fischer, who said he was “kind of just waiting by the phone.”


“I was ready to sign the papers…and that’s when the conversation took a turn.”

AGI assistant Alex Brizel said, ” ‘We love you. Everyone here loves you and thinks you’re a star, but we’re not taking you because you’re white.’ And that’s when my stomach dropped,” alleged Fischer, who is now suing the company for discrimination in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

It’s not drastically difficult to believe. After all, society’s in the midst of a substantial statement where color is concerned:

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Back to podcaster Tyler — who’s appeared on Last Week Tonight: John Oliver and has 146,000 YouTube followers — he claims he recorded at least part of the phone call with AGI.

“I think I said something like, ‘So you guys like me, you want to work with me, you know I’ve got what it takes, but the only reason is because I’m white?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’”

The lawsuit is now imminent. And as he’s made clear, he won’t settle:

He claims that others may have shared the same stories privately with him:

“I have endless people reaching out to me privately, saying, ‘This happened to me. I’m too afraid to speak out.’ I had an acting agent reach out the other day who said, ‘You have no idea how bad it is. They’re not hiding it.’”

From Tyler’s attorney, Lawrence Spasojevich:

“Mr. Fischer’s lawsuit seeks to enforce the idea that individuals should be judged by their qualifications; not by their race, their sex, their gender identity, their religion, or any other innate characteristic. That idea needs to apply to everyone equally or else it loses its legitimacy.”

Since AGI’s rejection, Tyler’s inked a management deal and booked a role in the upcoming Gina Carano vehicle Terror in the Prairie

The suit is pending and seeks unspecified damages.

“I’m hoping this can draw some attention to getting back to why are we putting race and gender and pronouns and all this before who’s qualified for the job,” he says.

Talent agencies and productions will choose who they like, regardless of their motivation.

Stay tuned for more — not just from Tyler, but from a world in phenomenal flux.



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