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Perfect acoustic is a line of decorative acoustic panels, a leading company in the manufacture of acoustic materials and integral solutions to achieve the reduction of damage caused by noise, as well as the improvement of the acoustic environment in architectural projects.

What acoustic panels to buy?

Before buying a particular model, it is necessary that you look at the characteristics of these acoustic panels and know exactly what to look for to get one that is worth it. As with any other product, it is better to know those key aspects that influence the good quality and performance of a product to ensure that we make a well-informed purchase and thus obtain the one that offers us the best value for money.

Regarding acoustic panels, you have to look at the type of pattern that it presents on the surface, the thickness of the material used, the noise reduction coefficient and the size or quantity of panels that are included in the purchase

Acoustic Panel Manufacturer

  • They create a comfortable and aesthetic acoustic space in all types of interiors.
  • They reduce reverb levels and improve communication.
  • Manufactured under the highest international quality standards.
  • High resistance sound absorbers and excellent sound absorption.
  • Your space, your taste! Any type of image or photograph is printed.

They improve the fidelity of music and language, thus achieving superior communication possibilities and musical experiences.

Having a space with a perfect balance between design and acoustics is now possible!

Types of Decorative Acoustic Panels

  1.  Acoustic ceiling panels

Indicated to increase acoustic comfort through baffles or panels hung or attached to the ceiling or surface, achieving better communication and reduction of reverberation in rooms such as offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, schools, recording studios, TV rooms and video games, etc.

  1.  Acoustic panels for walls / walls

Excellent acoustic attenuation acting as an excellent acoustic insulator on walls. The characteristics of these decorative acoustic panels make them adapt to all types of spaces, acting effectively in the absorption of sound and acoustic insulation. We have a wide range of shapes and colored fabrics.

Can acoustic panels help improve sound?

Yes. Apart from absorbing noise and serving to soundproof rooms and halls in general, acoustic panels are capable of improving sound quality, since this type of foam can handle high and medium frequencies simultaneously, which improves the quality of the sound. In fact, they are one of the main reasons studios and rehearsal rooms include them in their walls.

Similarly, the fact that they can decrease wave amplitude and transform sound energy into heat helps improve sound quality. Consider that you can eliminate reverb or echo, which greatly improves the cleanliness, clarity and level of detail of the music or voice.

How many acoustic panels do I need?

As I mentioned before, the important thing here is not really the number of panels that a pack includes or the size of each of the panels, but, in total, the surface that they can cover.

That said, for amateur or home use, in our opinion it will be necessary that you cover at least 10 or 20% of the total surface of the walls, but the truth is that this will not be the same in a recording studio or in other applications professionals.

In the case of studios or rehearsal rooms, you will need to cover a larger space, with studios that even cover more than 80% of their walls with acoustic insulation.

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