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Even though Republicans have resisted a bill to control guns a few weeks back, gun confiscation calls are growing again after a shooting in Illinois. It’s almost as if giving an inch to the left always results in them attempting to take a mile. Who could have possibly predicted that would be the outcome of Sen. John Cornyn’s outreach?

But I digress, that’s a topic worthy of its own article. For the purpose of this one, the point is simply that Democrats are on the march regarding gun control again, and there’s truly no one they won’t rehabilitate as long as they push the narrative.

I am now at ABC News. ABC News treated President Ronald Reagan’s murderer, a man who was recently released, as an advocate for guns. This is satire straight from The Babylon Bee.

While some of those close to Reagan are reluctant to accept Hinckley’s olive branch, he said he’s committed to proving to the world that he’s a changed and better man. And he supports laws that would prohibit others with mental health issues from getting access to guns…

…Hinckley said he’s in favor of background checks and waiting periods to obtain a gun, especially with regard to people who are suffering, which were policies that were ushered by the Brady law.

“I think there are too many guns in America,” he said.

Sometimes, an excerpt requires no real analysis, and I’m left just filling space with what is already obvious to everyone who just read it. This is one of the most repugnant, morally bankrupt attempts by the press to push “the message” I’ve ever seen. John Hinckley Jr. nearly killed a President, while also leaving another victim with brain damage and confined in a wheelchair for his entire life. Life-long injuries were also sustained by Secret Service agents shot. That he’s even out of jail is insane given the extent of his carnage.

But what’s just as insane is that the liberal press is so desperate to confirm their biases that they would interview this guy, treat him with kid gloves, and pretend he’s got any authority to speak on any topic. It doesn’t matter what Ronald Reagan tried to murder has to say. Hinckley Jr. wouldn’t get any airtime, even if it was the opposite political foot.

Think about what would happen if Fox News hired someone to assassinate Barack Obama in order for them to discuss how pro-life their views are. What would you expect the reaction of the media to this? The answer is that they’d lose their ever-loving minds, not only freaking out that the would-be assassin was given a platform, but they’d also use it as proof that the pro-life movement is poisoned.

It is this same liberal press who wants to expel any person within 50 feet from Donald Trump. If you kill the GOP President, you will be interviewed by ABC News to discuss gun control.

Each time it gets written out it becomes more bizarre. It’s absurd. That’s the question of the hour.

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