ABC/NBC Tout Biden’s Big Talk on Sanctions While CBS Pumps the Breaks

The tensions between Russia, Ukraine and Russia are increasing. Liberal evening news networks continue to report on the Biden administration’s harsh talk and threats to Russia. However, they give little time to the criticisms of congressional Republicans. 

ABC’s World News TonightIan Pannell was a senior foreign correspondent and reported that there were “American antitank and missile-busting weapons arriving in Kyiv, as the Biden administration increases military support for Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.” These were meant to be a “signal of support for the Ukrainian people, as well as a message deterrence to Russia,” he said. 

World News TonightA soundbite from President Biden’s remarks about when he will decide on the deployment of ground forces was broadcast. 

It’s what will happen that will determine what Putin does and doesn’t do. It is possible that I will move some of these troops soon, but it takes time.

Pannell reported that “more than 100,000 Russian troops” are now stationed at Ukraine’s border with trainsloads full of equipment and troops moving to Belarus’ northern frontier. Biden said that Russia would invade Ukraine in its entirety if it did so, and that this could be “the largest invasion of the world since World War II.” This would alter the course of history. 



Pannell later reported that Biden had warned of “immensible consequences”, including sanctions against Putin, if Russia continues to pursue its plans for invasion. 

More than one NBC Nightly NewsIt was almost the same as before, with NBC echoing Biden’s threats towards Russia while denying any airtime to anyone criticizing the administration for its handling of this crisis. 

Richard Engel, chief correspondent for foreign affairs at NBC, reported this shocking development.   

Allies of NATO, large and small, are moving to the east. Spain deploys fighter jets and warships in the Balkans. Denmark has sent jets into Lithuania. France has also pledged to defend Romania. It is possible to have a front in all of Eastern Europe.

CBS is still available Evening News did give the Biden administration’s Republican critics airtime by featuring comments from Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton who said “even when they’re taking the right steps now those right steps tend to be half-measures and they’re certainly much too late.” 

The other side of the GOP coin is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who believes that “the administration’s moving in the right directions” in regards to Ukraine. 

CarFax (ABC) and T-Mobile (NBC) made this latest example possible. This link will take you to their contact information so that they can be contacted about bias news funding. 

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ABC World News Tonight 


6:38.05 PM

DAVID MUIR – We will now turn our attention to Russia and Ukraine, and to the U.S. Military Equipment that has arrived there. Pictures coming in tonight. Today, President Biden said that 8,500 U.S. According to President Biden, troops have been on high alert in order to send support forces to NATO allies. They may now be moving, he said today. The new delivery of anti-tank missiles from the USA has arrived in Ukraine. Russians release new footage tonight showing their troops training. Now, President Biden speaks out tonight regarding personally sanctioning Vladimir Putin. This is Ian Pannell, ABC’s top foreign correspondent on the ground in Ukraine.

IAN Pannell: American anti-tank, and missile-busting American weapons arrive in Kyiv tonight. This comes as the Biden administration intensifies military support to Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia. This is the most recent delivery of U.S. weapons and ammunition to Ukraine’s government. The U.S. sent this message as both a support signal to Ukraine’s people and a threat to their Kremlin. 8,500 U.S. 8,500 U.S.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Well, it depends. That will depend on the outcome, and whether Putin acts or not. Some of these troops may also be moved in the immediate future, simply because that takes time.

PANNELL – More than 100,000 Russian troops are now at Ukraine’s borders, with trainloads full of equipment and troops moving to Belarus from the north frontier. Biden is now stating that he would sanction Putin even if he attacked.

BIDEN: It would be the biggest invasion since World War II if he moved in together with these forces. This would make the world a better place.

PANNELL: The Kremlin repeatedly denied plans to evade and accused the U.S. America doesn’t take any chances. America is taking no chances with today’s 79-ton military ship. It contains more than 270 anti-tank missiles from javelin and 800 bunker-busting rockets fired by shoulder. Last month, we saw the Ukrainian military train these anti-tank weaponry. This is NATO and American interference, according to the Kremlin. The Ukrainian government’s been playing down the sense of crisis here, but speaking exclusively to ABC News, the acting American ambassador in Ukraine, Kristina Kvien warning Russia could do anything at any moment.

KRISTINA KVIEN is the Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. Ambassador to Ukraine): It’s like a gun to the head of Ukraine, and we don’t think that Ukraine should have to live with a loaded gun to its head. 

MUIR: And Ian Pannell back with us from Ukraine’s capitol again tonight. Incredible reporting, you and your colleagues. Ian, did you mention that Vice President Biden indicated today that he might consider sanctions against Vladimir Putin in the event of Russia’s invasion?

PANNELL: Yeah, that’s right, David. According to President Biden, if Putin invades Ukraine, there will be severe consequences. These include possible sanctions for Putin. Remember, however, that U.S. The Kremlin warned that the same idea was proposed by Senators last week. It would have a devastating effect on relations between Russia and America. David?

CBS Evening News


6.33.07 pm 

O’KEEFE: A Russian military show of force today on the country’s western border with Ukraine, and no signs that Vladimir Putin plans to back down. Today, President Biden was shopping at a Washington small-business and stated that he might soon send some of almost 9,000 U.S. troops to Eastern Europe. His troops are on alert.

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: It’s possible that I will move some troops soon, but it is not provocation.

O’KEEFE: Several thousand U.S. Troops already in Europe also could be repositioned, but the growing allied response force is still no match for Putin’s roughly 100,000 troops on the ground. Nearly all of Ukraine is now surrounded. According to the White House, an invasion of Ukraine is likely. Mr. Biden called his national security advisors and requested a meeting about the crisis. He stated that he will target Putin economically if the Russian leader invades.

BIDEN: It would be the biggest invasion since World War II if he moved in together with these forces. This would make the world a better place.

O’KEEFE: The Russians reiterated today they have no plans to attack. However, the Russians are threatening to cut fuel supplies through Ukraine. The US administration has been working with global oil and gas companies around the world in order to secure adequate supply. Some Republicans feel that Biden’s actions against Putin are still too slow.

SENATOR TOM COTTON: Sometimes they take half-measures, and it’s often much too late.

O’KEEFE: But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a frequent critic of the President has a different view. 

SENATOR MICHELLE MITCH-MCCONNELL (SENATOR): The administration seems to be moving in the right directions.

NORAH O’DONNELL: Ed joins us now from the White House. What are you hearing now about U.S. troop deployments? 

O’KEEFE: Well, CBS News has learned tonight the Pentagon is preparing to announce elements of the Army’s 82nd Airborn Division out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, could be among the elements deployed to the region. 

NBC Nightly News 


7:06.46 PM

LESTER HOLLT: Today, America and NATO allies sent a strong message to Russia with words and weapons. They want them to keep out of Ukraine. Biden warns of huge consequences for Russia if it invades. Richard Engel will be in Ukraine tonight.

RICHARD ENGEL : NATO and Russia both are mobilizing to a potential conflict, despite diplomatic failures. To defend Ukraine against an invasion by Russia, more American weapons arrived tonight as part of the $200 million package. They are 90 tons in weight. Biden said that he is near to making the decision whether to mobilise any additional U.S. forces. Troops are on alert in eastern Europe for troops, but not within Ukraine.

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: The only thing that would make it happen is the outcome of what Putin does and doesn’t do. It may take time, so I might be moving some troops.


BIDEN: It would be the biggest invasion since World War II if he moved in together with these forces. This would make the world a better place.

ENGEL. NATO Allies, big and small alike are making their way east. Spain deploys fighter jets and warships in the Black Sea to assist with its mission. Denmark has sent jets into Lithuania. France has also pledged to defend Romania. The potential front is all of Eastern Europe. Russia claims it won’t invade but it continues to keep the rest of the world on edge with its military drills. The President of Ukraine is telling citizens to keep calm, and that he seeks a diplomatic solution. Some volunteers have already signed up for the East in case of need. Lester?

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