ABC Moves on From Abortion Activists Torching Pro-Life Clinic

After a weekend of leftist abortion activists tormenting the six conservative Supreme Court justices at their homes and desecrating or setting pro-life clinics on fire, ABC’s World News TonightThey decided Monday that they would not continue to destroy property or engage in menacing behavior. This was simply because their behaviour makes it look worse than their evil abortion plan.

ABC did cover it on Sunday’s World News TonightAnd the Monday night shows World News Now and America This Morning, but left this act of terrorism in the dust by Monday’s Good Morning America.

To their credit, ABC’s competitors CBS Evening News NBC Nightly News still touched on the vandalism that took place (albeit briefly) with CBS’s only mention was in passing when congressional correspondent Nikole Killion reported that the Biden administration had “condemned an attack on an anti-abortion organization outside Madison Wisconsin, Sunday, which is being investigated as an arson.”  

NBC’s brief mention was a way to note how the protests over the leaked Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court is “becoming increasingly personal.” In her report, correspondent Blayne Alexander reported how over the weekend “in Madison, Wisconsin, a pair of Molotov cocktails shattered the windows at the Wisconsin Family Action Office an anti-abortion group.” 



Meanwhile, ABC decided to fret over Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell promising to pass a “federal ban on abortion” if Republicans take back the White House both houses of Congress in 2024. 

Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce regurgitated the White House’s talking points that “Republicans could try to go even further, possibly banning some forms of contraception.” 

“If Roe is overturned, twenty-six states would quickly move to severely restrict access to abortion or ban it outright. thirteen have already passed so-called trigger laws, that would ban the procedure the moment Roe is struck down,” Bruce huffed. 

ABC clearly realized letting their viewers witness what pro-abortion advocates are doing is detrimental to the pro-abortion cause. This is why they were moving the eyes of viewers away from images of their fellow leftists burning pro-life clinics with Molotov cocktails. 

World News Tonight’s dishonest omission of violence by abortion activists was made possible by Prevagen. Their information is linked.

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ABC’s World News Tonight 
6:44:29 p.m. Eastern

MARY BRUCE: After a weekend when thousands took to the streets rallying for abortion rights, some gathering outside the homes of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And Chief Justice John Roberts, tonight, security around the justices is stepping up. The U.S. Marshals now involved in protecting the members of the court, after that leaked draft opinion indicated they’re preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

This comes at a time when Mitch McConnell (the Senate’s top Republican) is suggesting that Roe may be overturned. If Republicans win control of Congress they can pass an abortion ban. McConnell said, “If the leaked opinion was the final opinion then legislative bodies at both the state and federal levels could certainly legislate in this area.” McConnell also stated, “It’s not much secret what the position is of the Senate Republicans on that matter.” We took it to the White House today. 

What risk does this administration think the U.S. is to ban abortion completely? 

JEN PSAKI (Republican): We are in serious danger. Wie Sie merkten, Mitch McConnell (and other Republicans) in Congress have been discussing the possibility of a nationwide ban on women having the right to make their own decisions.

BRUCE. A White House warning to Republicans suggested that the White House could push for more restrictions, including banning certain forms of contraception. 26 states will quickly pass laws restricting abortion access, or banning it entirely, if Roe is reaffirmed. Thirteen states have passed trigger laws that ban abortions once Roe has been overturned. New York and Connecticut, both Democrat-led state legislatures are looking at ways they can help women in need. Chicago’s mayor announced today funding for women crossing into Illinois from other states in order to have an abortion. 

CBS Evening News
Eastern, 6:38:03

NIKOLE KILLION : Protests erupted outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh & John Roberts last weekend because of the fervent division.

JEN PSAKI – Violence threats and intimidation are out of place in the political discourse. 

KILLION: A White House condemnation of an attack on an Anti-Abortion Organization outside Madison Wisconsin on Sunday was also taken. CBS News learned that law enforcement officers are watching threats made by activists from both sides. 

NBC Nightly News
Eastern: 7:08 p.m.

BLAYNE AXANDER: As the historic Roe v. Wade decision hangs in the balance the demonstrations become increasingly personal. Two molotov cocktails and a couple of molotov cocktails broke down the Wisconsin Family Action Office, an anti-abortion group.

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