ABC, CBS Omit Poll Showing Opposition to Biden Only Considering Black SCOTUS Candidates

ABC’s Sunday Morning Talk Show hosted the show one day after they had presented their inconvenient statistic. World News Tonight failed to cover their own poll showing an overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden limiting his search for a new Supreme Court Justice to just black women. CBS also reported that ABC was not alone in their disapproval. Evening NewsDid not mention or report on the Supreme Court Battle. NBC Nightly NewsThe poll was not mentioned by anyone else. 

“President Biden promised to make history by choosing the first African-American woman to the Supreme Court. But some Republicans think the selection should be broadened. A new poll shows that 76 percent of Americans prefer that the President choose all qualified nominees.” Senior White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell reported after taking the floor from anchor Lester Holt.

O’Donnell added the following: The White House responded that Trump had made similar promises when he pledged to nominating a woman for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 



In the meantime, ABC has you covered. World News TonightRachel Scott, Congressional reporter decided to ignore the network’s polls and play politics: 

As President Biden selects his Supreme Court nominee tonight, Republicans take aim at the pledge that he would appoint the first African woman on the Supreme Court bench.

Scott then aired soundbites of Republican Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Roger Wicker (MS) taking issue with Biden discriminating against every other race by only considering black female candidates for the Supreme Court. Then she complained that The announcement by former President Donald Trump that he would choose a woman as Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor was not opposed by any of the Senators.  

As a means to discredit Republicans, she decided to look back at forty years to bring up Ronald Reagan’s promise to nominate the first female Supreme Court Justice.

You would not believe that this segment was aired by MSNBC. It is not “straight news”. World News Tonight 

These endorsements by Progressive on ABC and QuickBooks from CBS enabled this latest example of bias through omission. This link will take you to their contacts so that they can be contacted about biased news funding.  

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NBC Nightly News
7.10:31 pm

LESTER HOLT: Now to President Biden’s shortlist for the Supreme Court, the President looking for bipartisan support for a nominee, but faces new Republican criticism. Kelly O’Donnell attends the White House. We now have the names of those who are growing, Kelly. 

KELLY O’DONNELL: Well Lester, White House officials tell me those three judges who got all that initial attention aren’t alone. There are now a dozen black female legal scholars under consideration. Biden pledged to make history and choose the first woman of color to serve on the Supreme Court. However, some Republicans believe the list should not be restricted. According to a poll, 76% of Americans would prefer for the President to consider every qualified candidate. White House replied that Trump also made similar promises when he pledged to nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg as his replacement. Lester? 

Kelly, we are grateful for your HOLT.

ABC’s World News Tonight 
6.41.32 PM 

DAVID MUIR : I’m back here tonight to watch the political struggle over the nomination of the next Supreme Court justice. Biden has, naturally, promised to name the first woman of color to the court. Some Republicans find this offensive and question the promises. Tonight, the promises made by Republican presidents in the past. Ronald Reagan’s campaign promise prior to the 1980 election. His argument was that his promise had been long overdue. Rachel Scott tonight on the hill.

RACHEL SOTT: While President Biden is narrowing down the nominee for the Supreme Court, Republicans have taken aim at Biden’s promise to appoint a first-ever black woman to the seat.

Senator Ted Cruz: I find it offensive that he would promise to start with that it had to be a black woman. This is actually an insult to black women. 

SCOTT: The Senator Roger Wicker, Mississippi, compares President Obama’s promise to affirmative actions. 

SENATOR ROGERWICKER: It is ironic that this Supreme Court hears cases about affirmative racial disparity. 



SCOTT. But none of these Senators objected to the announcement by former President Donald Trump that he would select a woman for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

DONALD TRUMP – It will be a female, highly talented and brilliant. Although I am yet to choose, we do have several women in mind.

SCOTT: In 1980 when Ronald Reagan was running for president, he also campaigned on the promise of making history. He did this by naming the nation’s first female judge.

RONALD READAN: The first Supreme Court vacant positions in my administration will go to the highest qualified female candidate I can find. We need a female jurist to join our top ranks.

SCOTT: Out of the 115 Supreme Court Justices who have served America’s history, only 108 were white men. Five of the 115 Supreme Court Justices in American history are female. One black woman was never nominated.

JEN PSAKI, THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The White House Press Secretary will select and nominate someone with outstanding credentials and who is highly qualified. He knows there are many talented and qualified black women to pick from. 


JOE MANCHIN, SENATOR: It’s not something I see as politicizing. It is a necessary balance to reflect who we as citizens.

SCOTT: This is a long-overdue move by the President. However, some Republicans are keeping their eyes open, such as Senator Lindsey Graham who praises fellow South Carolinian Judge J. Michelle Childs. The President has placed her on his shortlist. David? 

For us, tonight: Rachel Scott will be on the hill. Rachel, I’m grateful.  

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