ABC, CBS, NBC Cheerlead for Election Power Grab By Democrats

They brought out their pom poms Tuesday night in celebration of President Joe Biden’s divisive, angry speech in Georgia to show support for his party’s electoral power-grab. 

Although all three networks did a poor job covering Biden’s speech, NBC Nightly NewsThe most vocal in their support for Biden’s leftist agenda of election manipulation was this group. Anchor Lester Holt opens the segment by referring to the 1960s civil rights movement. 

In his strongest appeal yet to pass voting rights legislation, President Biden called on history from the origins of the civil right movement. Biden also announced that he supports an exemption to the Senate filibuster rule to help get it passed.

All three networks aired highlights from Biden’s speech, just like the well-informed Democrat Party propagandists they are. Each segment was broadcast as if it were the White House’s official stenographers. CBS’s senior White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe misrepresented the different election integrity laws that exist in each state. “Places restrictions on voting.” 

O’Keefe, at the end of CBS’ segment reported that O’Keefe had “Some family members of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. argue that his federal holiday shouldn’t be celebrated Monday unless Congress votes on voting rights legislation. 



Meanwhile, ABC’s World News Tonight, chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega also lied about Republican election integrity legislation, wailing that Republicans were “Passing restrictive voting laws following former President Trump’s lies about stolen elections, with an eye on mail-in voting.”  

Vega even took the Democratic Party propaganda a step further by interviewing an African American woman named Bridget Muldrow who Vega claimed was a childcare worker.

Muldrow claimed that she is “heard the new term like the new Jim Crow 2.0 and it’s kind of seeming like that they’re trying to go backward.”Vega followed her up eagerly by asking the lead question for the reply she was looking for. “You feel as if you are being targeted in this state for your status of an African American woman?”Muldrow responded that she does, but she doesn’t understand it.

Vega didn’t correct that Georgia actually has more early voting than most northern Democrat-dominated countries.

During all of this gooey coverage, the networks omitted one BIG detail about the event Biden spoke at. This of course was the revelation that “voting rights” advocate and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams and other “voting rights” groups snubbed Biden’s speech. While Biden claimed there was a “scheduling conflict” with Abrams, reporting suggests that she doesn’t want to appear with Biden because of his cratering poll numbers. 

This fact is not only inconvenient, but ABC and CBS completely ignored it. Credit is due to NBC News, who did manage to get it in while they were emulating the Biden speech. 

The following examples show how media are cheerleading the Democrat Party agenda. They were provided by Downy, Otezla (ABC), Salonpas (NBC), and Salonpas(NBC). This link allows you to contact them about biased information they finance. 

Click “expand to view the transcripts for each segment. 

CBS Evening News 



NORAH O’DONNELL: In the greatest democracy in the world, there’s currently a fight about how we should vote, setting up a possible showdown in the Senate, where Democratic leaders are giving a deadline– pass voting legislation by Martin Luther King Jr. Day next week, or rules in Washington could change. Here’s CBS’ Ed O’Keefe.

ED O’KEEFE: Speaking from the cradle of the civil rights movement, President Biden today said the need to pass new voting rights legislation is urgent.

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: These quiet discussions with Congressmen have been ongoing for two months. It’s getting tiring to be quiet.

O’KEEFE: And he endorsed undoing U.S. Senate’s filibuster rule, requiring at least 60 votes to even debate certain legislation.

BIDEN: To protect our democracy, I am in favor of changing the rules of the Senate, however they are changed. This will prevent some senators from blocking voting rights action.

O’KEEFE: In the past year, 19 mostly Republican-controlled states, have passed legislation that places restrictions on voting. Democrats are seeking to require early voting, voting by post in all 50 states, and make Election Day a national holiday. The Voting Rights Act would be restored by a bill that John Lewis (the late Georgia Congressman) named. Republicans are fiercely opposed across the nation.


O’KEEFE: Shifting his focus to voting rights presents risks to the president who needs support from Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, but they’re resisting changes in the filibuster rule.

SENATOR JOE MANCHIN (SENATOR JOE MANCHIN): While we need to change some of our rules, getting rid the filibuster won’t help it make more sense. 

O’KEEFE: The President’s inability to win over Manchin and Sinema frustrates Georgia civil rights leaders like Cliff Albright who decided to skip the speech today saying Mr. Biden isn’t fighting hard enough. 

CLIFF ALBRIGHT: You can’t run on the presidency because you’ve got four decades in the senate and then you can’t whip two votes. It’s unacceptable.

O’KEEFE: The President insisted it can be done. 

BIDEN: Have faith. 

O’KEEFE: Adding pressure on Democrats, some relatives of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Jr. Say his federal holiday shouldn’t be celebrated on Monday unless Congress passes voting rights legislation. He said that the Senate Majority leader could vote on those bills today. Norah? 

ABC World News Tonight


6.40.08 pm

DAVIDMUIR: Meanwhile, President Biden issued a call for action in Georgia today on voting rights. He urged the Senate to act on the matter and asked them to send a letter to Congress requesting that they change the Senate rules. He also told Senators that even if they are not inclined, the history of this matter will be a judge on you. Cecilia Vega, our chief White House correspondent, with President Obama in Atlanta.

CECILIA VEGA: President Biden visited the gravesite of Martin Luther King Jr. today in Atlanta. He later called this an historic moment and demanded that the Senate adopt voting rights legislations.

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: These quiet discussions with Congressmen have been ongoing for two months. It’s getting tiring to be quiet.

VEGA: In the aftermath of Trump’s lying about an election stolen, 19 states passed restrictive voting laws. This includes mail-in voting.

BIDEN – Voting by post is an easy and safe way to allow more people to vote. It’s becoming more difficult for people to vote by post. In the same manner, I may add that President Trump also voted in person in Florida from the White House’s desk.

VEGA – The President attacked Georgia specifically

BIDEN – It is illegal to provide food and water to your neighbor or fellow voter while you wait to cast your vote. We are talking about what the heck? It’s not America, I think. That’s not America. 

VEGA: Georgia has also set up boxes that limit where voters such as Bridget Muldrow may drop their ballots. She said she doesn’t know how she will vote right now, according to the childcare worker.

BRIDGET MULDROW: Well I’ve heard the new term like the new Jim Crow 2.0 and it’s kind of seeming like that they’re trying to go backward.

VEGA – Do you feel that your state is targeting African American women?

MULDROW: Yes. I don’t appreciate it.

VEGA: The President is calling for Senate Democrats to amend the Senate rules in order to enable them to adopt voting rights legislation, without the need to rely on Republican support.

BIDEN : I think the threat to democracy in this country is so severe that it’s imperative that we find a solution to passing these voting rights laws. These bills should be debated. Vote. The majority should prevail. If the bare minimum of votes is not reached, then we will have to amend the Senate rules and get rid of the filibuster.

VEGA. However, it is not clear that all Democrats agree with the idea. Senators Joe Manchin (Senator) and Kyrsten Silena (Senator) remain firm against abolishing the filibuster.

BIDEN – Each member of the Senate will be judged on the basis of their historical positions, both before and after they voted.

VEGA – And then this warning.

BIDEN Are you ready to stand on the side Dr. King? Are you ready to stand on the side Bull Connor or John Lewis? Would you like to support Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln? Now is the time to make a decision to protect our elections and defend democracy.

MUIR: Cecilia Vega was with me today for this. Cecilia, there may be votes in the Senate as soon as tomorrow.

VEGA. David Schumer, Senator Schumer announced that today. This could mean that we may see the votes tomorrow. These bills would allow Democrats to declare Election Day a federal holiday. They also want the Justice Department to have the ability to enforce changes in voting laws in certain states. But, as it stands, President Biden does not currently possess the votes to do this. Today Senator Manchin said that he was still against the removal of the filibuster.

MUIR: Cecilia Vega live in Georgia tonight. Cecilia, I’m grateful. 

NBC Nightly News


7.01:53 pm 

LESTER HOLT (English): Good evening. Today, the President of the United States of America appealed to history to pass voting rights legislation. He also announced his support for an exemption to the Senate filibuster rule to make it happen. The President attacked recently passed state voter laws in Georgia as he believes they are intended to undermine the vote. He said that partisans can seek the results they desire. Although the President is familiar with voting rights, many within his party have been disappointed by the lack of action. The Senate is still a significant obstacle to legislation passing, and today the President focused the spotlight on it. Today, Mr. Biden declared that the United States Senate should be ruled by the majority, expressing his support for lifting the filibuster. Peter Alexander is present at the White House. Peter Alexander is at the White House. It’s possible.

PETER ALEXANDER (Yes, Lester): That’s correct. According to the top Senate Democrat, he will call a crucial vote about this issue as soon as possible. Although President Biden is in dire need of Democrats being united, his opponent from the party he belongs to was a significant blow even before he left Washington. This new push to expand voting rights is seen by President Biden as an important turning point for America.

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: Do we choose democracy or autocracy? Light over shadows? Justice over injustice? I am aware of where I stand.

ALEXANDER : Looking at today’s work through the prism of civil rights, President in Atlanta made a first visit to Martin Luther King jr.’s grave. He also visited the church where he had preached. Asking if the bill can be passed, the president replied:

BIDEN: Have faith.

BIDEN: How do you wish to be remembered by elected officials in America? Are you ready to support George Wallace or Dr. King?

ALEXANDER. Despite Republican threat of retaliation tonight, President Biden endorsed a significant change in long-standing Senate rules. It would remove the 60 vote requirement to avoid filibuster. The changes were focused on voting rights and will enable Democrats to pass that legislation without needing 50 votes.

BIDEN – I’m in favour of changing Senate rules to stop a small number of Senators from blocking actions on voting rights.

ALEXANDER : This is a reverse for President Obama, who was a senator and spent many decades fighting the filibuster.

BIDEN (in 2005): Filibuster doesn’t stop any nominees or bills. It is all about moderation, compromise, and moderation.


JOE MANCHIN – We need to change some of our rules in order for the place to work well. However, getting rid the filibuster won’t help it do better.

ALEXANDER – Today’s absentee is Stacey Abrams (top Georgia Democrat), who cited a scheduling conflict. The Democratic legislation requires all states to permit mail-in voter, makes election day a national holiday and reduces state voter I.D. Requirements. Republicans accuse Democrats if they orchestrated fake hysteria.

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO (Italie): The United States does not have a large-scale effort to eliminate minority voting rights. It’s nonexistent. It does not exist. It doesn’t exist. It has everything to do with power.

ALEXANDER : President Trump is gambling on a campaign to support voting rights legislation. He doesn’t need the votes now in order for it to happen. Peter Alexander from NBC News.

BLAYNE Alexander: This is Blayne Alexander from Georgia. We are in a race against time to pass the Democratic new voting legislation.

KENDRA COTTON, New Georgia Project COO: Democracy is in balance

ALEXANDER While his Georgia trip is a welcome return to the states that provided the Senate majority for Democrats, he has been met with cold reception from many of the organizers who helped make those wins possible. Some voting rights activists will be there, but others have chosen to not attend the speech. They consider any attempt to pass Democrats’ legislation, other than a plan, unacceptable and void of substance, to be an insincere gesture. Georgia is becoming more progressive, with Georgia narrowly voting for Biden by 12,000 votes. The groups responsible for record levels of democratic turnout now want to get voters back out, and it is time to see a return on the investment they made.

ALEXANDER : What are your top fears if this legislation fails to pass?

COTTON – Our greatest fear is that we don’t have anything to tell these voters why they should return to the polls in midterms. The administration has not given us enough — no bone.

ALEXANDER – Tonight, Republicans are standing up for Georgia’s controversial new voter law. Critics have called it voter suppression. Governor Brian Kemp insists it is the contrary. 

GOVERNOR BRIAN KEMP – Georgia’s Election Integrity Act makes it simple to vote and difficult to cheat.


BIDEN: You have the power. 

ALEXANDER : Democrats now want him to make his address. After the speech, some activists said that they enjoyed the message, but wanted the President to call out those who were not in his party. Lester?

HOLT: Okay, Blayne, Peter.

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