Aaron Judge Home Run Leads To Unforgettable Experience For Young Yankees Fan

While sports are now irreversibly dead, there is still a chance to see the old sport. It was a place where people could find inspiration and hope.

This was Tuesday’s case. Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees hit a home run in left field for the Toronto Blue Jays. The ball went to Mike Lanzillotta, a Toronto fan.

While most people will be content to keep the souvenir safe, Lanzillotta noticed that 9-year old Yankees fan Derek Rodriguez was looking longingly at his ball. (Rodriguez also wore a Judge shirt). Rodriguez was moved to tears when Lanzillotta gave the ball to him without hesitation.

This heartwarming exchange between two fans resulted in Judge meeting both of them in the dugout prior to Wednesday’s match, which was another uplifting moment. Rodriguez was able to enjoy the moment with Judge and Lanzillotta, while not being overtaken by the discussion.

Judge was delighted to accommodate the request of Judge, noting that he used to be a boy who loved to play with his favorite pitchers.

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Judge explained, “I used to play in (Rodriguez)’s] position.” “Rooting for my favourite players and teams… that was a cool moment I will not forget.”

This should be the focus of sports.

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