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They also suffered from missteps and malpractice in media. Journalism fell back.

There was an inspiring visual this year in D.C. for anyone who likes metaphors. The Newseum, a curated warehouse of journalism history – which closed at the end of 2019 – Its facade was removedFrom the building is a high engraved wall containing the 1st Amendment. Although it is a quick lesson in object language, many journalists took it as an order to march.

Many journalists attacked the institution which is their foundation in one of many bizarre practices of this year. The 1-A used to be the foundation of journalism and was something that could always be defended. This is no longer the case. Beginning with Donald Trump blocked from Twitter — while the Taliban is permitted to tweet away —  throughout the year we saw journalists cheering the quieting of sources and lobbying to have others taken down, blocked, or silenced. There were numerous justifications for having individuals or outlets called dangerous, and therefore in need to be muzzled. 

That was the greatest irony to behold CNN employees are mutteringChina was reportedly clamping down in Hong Kong on news media that supported democracy. It was said to have “The press has a chilling affect” to see multiple news sources being forced to shutter. This is these very same voiceswe called Fox News, One America News and Newsmax to demand that they be shown conservative news outlets. Taken down by satellite and cable providersThis was NOT chilling. This was an incredible amount of hypocrisy and obliviousness. 

This call to censor was based on the highly publicized January 6th riot at Capitol. They are thrilled to mark its first-year anniversary with a week of celebrations. The media has been obsessing over this incident for a whole year. They used it to criticize Republicans, Donald Trump and conservatives as well as any other media figure who does not express an appropriate level of anger. Blame was leveled, baseless accusations hurled, and that was used as justification to call for the silencing of “threats,” “dangerous rhetoric,” “inciteful language,” or “lies and misinformation.”

These may sound valid, but the real danger is who decides what is eligible for these labels. This is the reality. The media outlets that seek to silence people with lies and misinformation not only repeat their prevarications but also base it on lies they have about January 6. 

We have all heard throughout the year how that day’s activities were an insurrection and the people involved were staging a coup. The media has been using the term “accused” or “alleged” to refer to the Capitol participants for many years. This is a departure from the long-standing practice of assuming innocence while awaiting sentencing. No longer do journalists use “accused” or “alleged” when referring to the Capitol participants – they are firmly declared “insurrectionists,” and this is allowed to not only stand as a final assessment, it is then used to leverage further actions on others. They are guilty of insurrection. Anyone or any outlet not declaring them so is an accomplice to treason.

This is where the evil part of this response lies: journalists are dispatched in waiting for a verdict to label those who were arrested. They also do it without anyone being charged. Over the riot, which occurred one year ago in the United States, there are approximately 700 people who were arrested. None of themHas been accused of insurrection, treasonous conduct. You can also add that FBI announcesThey have not found any evidence that the organization was involved, nor have they seen anyone brought up for weapons charges. The claim of a coup staged is absurd.

Capitol Breach Investigation
Jim Bourg/Pool through AP

However, the media claims that they all are guilty of insurrection. They are making false statements about the events in an attempt to accuse others of false information and justify their silence. It has been this way all year. There are many topics. Whether it has been COVID, vaccines, spending bills, the border crisis, Critical Race Theory, the economy – lies and misinformation are said to be among our biggest threats. Once we look at those making the accusations, the game becomes fully revealed.

Fox News is frequently criticized because they misinform. In the spring, Fox News reported that Joe Biden planned to severely reduce meat consumption in his climate agenda.

The news channel based this off of an article in the Daily Mail, that had baselessly taken a study from the University of Michigan and conflated it into Biden’s policy proposal. The next day, Fox corrected the report, indicating that it was not, in fact, in Joe Biden’s plans. This report was a source of criticism for Fox.

Forbes The report was called a “fib” and a “falsehood.” Media is importantBe calm “Fox hosts try to scare viewers with a dystopian nightmare.” CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale was weighed in, calling it a “distortion,” and claimed this showed “The terrifying plot by right-wing media and elected officials to transform a well-respected academic study into an alarming presidential plot Dale’s initial report failed to mention that Fox had come back and corrected the story, as he valiantly condemned the network. Although this was an error by Fox News, it was still cited as an example that the network relied on fake news. 

We are surprised to see that other media outlets do not make the exact same report about misinformation. Instead of making excuses, then following up with actual compliments, people make them. The biggest individual to blame for this is CNN’s media guru, Brian Stelter. Over the years, he has been dismissively described as a “Media Hall Monitor,” for the way he always is tattling on FoxNews. However, in reality, he’s more like a custodian of the press.

Stelter reluctantly covered the faux news about border agents whipping immigrants. Visit his Reliable Sources websiteHowever, he used a different strategy to justify the behavior of the media. Instead of pushing lies and deceiving viewers, as Fox was charged with doing, after days of numerous outlets repeating the false story leading to government leaders – up to President Joe Biden — condemning the actions, Stelter declared it was “A faulty media narrative.” He and partner Oliver Darcy made the excuse that news outlets were in a rush to keep up with a story that originated on social media, as if that somehow excused them for running a false claim.

CNN’s Don Lemon, Brian Stelter discuss the Fox News texts on the Capitol riot, 12/13/21. Credit: CNN screenshot

The admission that CNN has many on-air personalitiesThis claim was repeatedly repeated. Fox’s coverage of fake meat was criticised by many news anchors, pundits and reporters, but CNN employees who told this story all week received no criticism, even those who repeated it. After It was proved false. Then Darcy makes the brashest move – he applauded those who screwed up the story Let’s get the story right!Because that’s ultimately what matters.

When retractions are made public, this is an all-too familiar refrain. It is a common refrain in the press when an investigation must be done to rectify an incorrect report. We should congratulate outlets that are open and honest about their mistakes. Fox News, or any other conservative media outlet, does not have this right. They are called “egregious” and “intentional” when they make errors. A correction on air is then held up as evidence that they were lying. It is often overlooked or excused when approved news outlets send fraudulent reports.

It has made 2021 a year full of embarrassments for the media. CNN reported that Donald Trump was a CNN reporter no vaccine distribution planIn place Numerous outlets The claim was withdrawnRudy Giuliani is being investigated by FBI False reports aboutDonald Trump presses Georgian officials on election issues were debunked. They were debunked again by the press Fake Rolling Stone StoryHospitals were overwhelmed by Ivermectin poisonings. Concerning latent errors, corrections needed to be made. Russian bounty story, teargas being used in Lafayette SquareIt is the Hunter Biden laptop storyMore and more. The Steele dossier was considered a disposable document and relied upon over the years.

They are the ones who declare who lies, who spreads misinformation and who should be silenced. They seem to resent outlets that engage in exactly the same behaviour as they do.

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