A Step By Step Guide To Avoid Possible Deportation

Immigration is often a point of discussion in most countries, and for someone relocating from their home country can either be simple and smooth or complex and confusing due to immigration laws varying greatly from country to country. It is well worth researching the laws, rules, and regulations of the country you want to move to so you can avoid any issues that could lead to fines or deportation. 

When deciding to start a new life in another country, it is vital to read up about and fully understand the immigration laws and documentation required, with that in mind here is a step-by-step guide of everything you need to know about immigrating successfully.  

Understand The Immigration Process

Applications from immigrants to the United States are monitored by the federal government via the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the process can be quite stringent. The US has historically welcomed people from all over the world to apply for residency or citizenship, however one Houston Immigration attorney who assists individuals moving to the US, noted that the process is becoming more difficult. The process starts with the initial application which is used to check if you are eligible to be granted one of two visas: a temporary non-immigrant for tourists, students, and business people, or an immigrant visa for new residents who will reside long term and work in the USA. 

It is important, to be honest, and not apply for the wrong visa or break the rules such as clearly working on a non-immigrant visa if you wish to keep clear of deportation. 

Research Key Immigration Laws 

The purpose of immigration law is to ensure a legal process is followed by stating clauses on:

  • Rights and obligations
  • Citizenship and residency status
  • Gaining residency
  • Employment
  • Refugee status 
  • Family reunification
  • Diversity 
  • Documentation
  • Deportation 

When considering your move it is a good idea to read up on the immigration laws to guarantee a smooth and trouble-free transition. People who are pushed for time may also find it useful to work with an immigration lawyer to speed up the process and avoid frustrating problems and follow laws at the same time. 

Ensure You Apply For An Immigrant Visa 

There are several ways to apply for an immigrant visa so you can enjoy your new life or get to work faster. These include applying with the help of your employers and or family members,  by declaring refugee status, or by entering the visa lottery. 

If you are hired for a position in the US, your employers will have to assist you with your application and be your sponsor. The requirements vary for the over 20 different work visas, therefore, it is worth checking which visa type matches your job description and industry. Depending on the visa type, you may also be eligible for a green card allowing long-term residency with more benefits and rights. 

Due to the long history of immigration, there are generations of families around the country who have family connections in other parts of the world, who may also want to join their families in the US. Family reunification is highlighted in immigration laws which allow permanent residents and citizens to file an immigration application on the behalf of family members overseas. 

Unfortunately, many migrants in the world today are refugees looking for a safe country in which to live their lives peacefully. People who are fleeing in danger from their home countries can apply for refugee status to gain a visa, however, there is a risk it could be denied as they are checked carefully on a case-by-case basis. 

People who are from countries with low immigration rates to the US can enter the visa lottery program, where visas are awarded to individuals according to their education, profession, and skills. An added benefit of being selected is the candidates can also be accompanied by their family. 

Know The Deportation Laws 

The one thing every immigrant wants to avoid is deportation which unfortunately can happen if you are residing illegally in the United States, making you liable to be deported according to immigration laws. 

Amongst the reasons for deportation are committing a felony, failing to report address changes, or using forged documents. Other situations which can lead to removal from the country include assisting others to illegally immigrate, submitting fraudulent applications and documents, voting when not eligible, and assaulting a police officer or security personnel. Even though deportation is a complete disaster for most immigrants, it is possible to appeal and apply for “deferred action” status. This option allows someone to stay but without the full rights of citizenship or residency. 

When appealing against a deportation ruling, it is key to provide evidence that you have a legal right to remain in the country. Immigration judges have the right to strike out deportation rulings if certain conditions are met and concrete documentation provided which details an immigrant’s legal grounds to remain. Getting a deportation notice is a real emergency creating much stress and anxiety, which is why many suggest getting the assistance of a deportation attorney to handle your case.

Hire An Immigration Lawyer 

There are many requirements for a smooth immigration process that sets up a solid legal foundation for long-term residency and citizenship. Many people seek the advice and expertise of immigration lawyers to expedite the process, handle all necessary documentation and ensure there is no future risk of deportation.

Not all immigrants can afford to hire immigration lawyers from the start of their immigration journey and may previously have had to go through the process themselves. However, this in turn increases the chance that errors would have been made causing a risk of deportation if investigated. Luckily, most immigration lawyers will assist new clients in these scenarios to iron out problems related to having the correct documentation or changing to the correct visa type. 

Relocating to a new country can be a daunting task with a lengthy process and a lot of paperwork involved. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you do your research on immigration laws, application procedures, and required documentation to avoid the risk of deportation. 

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