A Progressive Democrat Regrets Voting “No” on the Gavin Newsom Recall – Opinion

Yesterday’s report said that Governor Hair Gel will fly to Scotland, Scotland, for the United Nations Climate Change Summit. However, we currently have a supply chain crisis, due largely to vessels carrying goods to Long Beach and Los Angeles. Some of the logjam is due to his Hairfulness. These laws, which ban older trucks from operating in California, as well as AB5, are ridiculous and prohibit truckers over 11 years old. AB5 is destroying owner-operators. California Employment Development Department is responsible for fraud amounting to $20 billion. Over 100,000 Californians have yet to receive their unemployment claims.

Newsom’s last parting shot before jumping on that gas-powered, carbon emission jet across the pond, was to tell Californians to “Get a Booster” and tell parents that their child must be vaccinated in order for them to go to school and participate in activities.

After avoiding recall King Gavin is still feeling his oats and enjoying the mandate. But a certain Bay area writer feels as though his victory should not be celebrated, and expresses a bit of remorse that she voted “NO” to having him recalled.

What broke the back of this “progressive Democrat,” pray tell?

In the following, she will let you know. San Francisco GateYou can find this link:

Newsom, a Californian Democrat with a long history of voting against recalls, is being celebrated. This celebration ignores a troubling pattern during the pandemic. Newsom has repeatedly given mandates that favor groups of special interest who have contributed large sums to his campaigns.

Which planet was this Progressive Princess born on? SeriouslyWho is this guy? Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who ran to replace His Hairfulness, spoke about Newsom’s corruption to high heaven. Kiley has written a whole book on the subject. RedState and KUSI News from San Diego and California Globe called out Kiley’s corruption and hypocrisy during the pandemic as well as his sleight-of-hand throughout the recall. His illegal N95 deal with China to keep his wineries open despite the fact that other state agencies had to close them, and his failure to pay the property tax on his two homes.

In contrast, Newsom’s “homegrown team” (looking at you, San Francisco Gate(), treated him as though he were curing cancer or farting unicorns.

In August, just one month before the Recall vote, Sacramento’s ABC 10 broke a huge corruption scandal concerning Newsom, his friend and fixer Jason Kinney, and PG&E, where the governor’s inserted himself in the utility corporation’s bankruptcy settlement in order to benefit his friend’s business interests. This is the same PG&E who contributed to First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s non-profit organization—a clear conflict of interest.

For casual observers, the news was clear and obvious. Now that it’s corruption that this Prog Princess cannot stand, she’s suddenly twisted and outraged

Too little, too late.

This French Laundry list of corruption didn’t cause her to bat an eyelash, but the prison guard union corruption was just beyond the pale:

This week, Newsom appealed a judge’s order to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for prison guards in California, despite the fact that in recent months, 48 outbreaks in prisons have been traced back to prison staff. This terrible decision to defeat a mandate for vaccines can only be explained by the fact that $1.5 million was contributed to Newsom’s victory.

Nooo… say it isn’t so! Because Gavin paid them money, those evil guards in prison get an exemption from COVID spreading with impunity.

Wait until Newsom lies about wildfire prevention efforts.

Then, a light bulb goes off above the Prog Princess’ head regarding the California Teachers Association’s throwing big money at Hair Gel and his allowing the union to dictate the re-opening of schools.


Vizzini heard it from Roberts the Dread Pirate Roberts. The Princess Bride, “Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.”

It’s also another example of his hypocrisy during this pandemic. Not only was he caught flouting his own restrictions (the French Laundry incident), as well as sending his kids to in-person private school while refusing to mandate public schools open last year — but he has consistently allowed major campaign donors to dictate his decisions. The California Teachers Association was the single biggest lobbyist in Sacramento in the past two years — and this is arguably why Newsom refused to fight harder for schools to open last spring. This also explains why California public school staff are still not subject to a strict vaccine mandate — they are allowed to test weekly in lieu of getting vaccinated.

Prog Princess goes on about everything that everyone, who is half awake and pays attention, already knows. Some progressives also understood all of the reasons Newsom had to be recall. It was over once the Kool Aid of Elder Trump-Evil Republicans had been sipped.

At least one knows that they were duped. It’s probably thousands more, but they’re to embarrassed to lay bare their stupidity over legacy media.

The truth is that this Prog Princess still loves Newsom. While she wants all vaccine mandates and other passport-nonsense to be put into place, she also wants them to be fair. What this Prog Princess is most upset about is Newsom playing favorites with his special interests, and she’s not among them. Of this you can be sure: If the Prog Princess were part of those groups that pour money into Newsom’s coffers, she would be right there among the champagne elites polishing his turds and singing his praises.

You are now in reality. But, you can’t miss me at the outrage.

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