A Lot of People Are Already Eager to Pit DeSantis Against Trump – Opinion

Right now, the Democratic Party and its allies in the media know that things are looking well beyond “grim” come November.

There are two current polls that have Biden at under 40% approval, while the others have him hovering around 40 percent. What’s more, the polling for the House and the Senate is getting worse, with last week’s Quinnipiac poll showing both chambers in play for 2022.

Not only that, as I mentioned last week, the Democrats are chasing off anyone who isn’t in total lockstep with the far-left progressive agenda, to the point where anyone who even coughs in a centrist way will be attacked by the Squad, Bernie Sanders, and at least 35 percent of the talking heads on MSNBC. With the socialists taking control of the party, there is no room to be nonconformist.

The issue here is that the media can’t help but cover it. It’s the news. And as much as some of them would like to ignore this and focus on the Republicans, the stories they are picking are really small potatoes and far reaches that don’t provide much of a distraction.

For example, one of the things we’re seeing is a pretty routine thought exercise of “What about such-and-such a ticket for 2024?” But the options these columns are offering are just more bizarre than usual.

“Why not a Manchin-DeSantis ticket in 2024?” Why not just stop taking whatever drugs lead a person to not only have this thought but lead them to pen it and submit it to someone for publication?

Media are now promoting another distraction: the belief that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have some serious beef.

Here’s the problem with this “feud.” Neither man has mentioned the other, and neither man is known for their subtlety when bringing up an opponent. It would have been a lot easier if they wanted to fight each other than the media reports.

Let’s say that both of these men are running in 2024. Their popularity in the party means that they will be among the most popular candidates during the next election cycle. Each of them know how much they depend on each other. DeSantis is offering the Republican alternative to Democratic Governance, while Trump points out why it was wrong to support Biden.

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Both men know that their base won’t like it if they attack the other, especially right now when the Republican Party is poised to win big in 2022. They must keep their feet on the ground. These people are smart enough and smart enough for them to recognize this.

The future of the Republican Party looks more like DeSantis to me than Trump. I think Trump was a “fire on everybody” type of personality and DeSantis likes to concentrate on tactical and targeted sniping. DeSantis chooses strategic battles where Trump is the one who fights every battle. As a result, I get the feeling that, come 2024, more Republican voters will like what he’s offering more.

On top of that, I also still suspect that Trump can’t say he’s not running in 2024 before November of this year, but after that he won’t be as vocal about it because it’s not a certain thing. It will come down to the races he’s chosen to get involved with around the country this year and how successful those candidates are. He will be able to see that his brand is still strong and can win in 2024 if he’s very successful.

But, if his candidates don’t do as well, he’s got a far more difficult decision, and I think he’ll go with the one that keeps his reputation as intact as possible. He’ll want to play kingmaker ahead of 2024 and pass the torch to the next Republican candidate. This will allow him to remain a well-respected leader within the party, without the need to face all the drama or deal with a loss of support for the Democratic candidate.

But, they aren’t going after each other. They aren’t even mentioning each other. The Democrats and media want Republicans to in-fight. They are so willing to create something from nothing to distract people’s attention from the fact the Democratic Party may be on the brink of bankruptcy.

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