A Guide to Better mood

We all have faced moments when nothing could make us feel better. On bad, stressful days nothing actually lifted our mood. Nevertheless, there are ways that can genuinely help us feel better. As long as we have an open mind, we can find various and new ways to try in order to get ourselves a better mood.

Go out

Even though it seems too easy, there are a lot of times when we feel very bad and we can’t even get out of bed. Try to take yourself out, just for a stroll at the park or for grocery shopping. Getting fresh air, seeing some people and walking can improve your mood for sure. Ideally, choose routes that include parks with trees and lakes. Getting in touch with nature has the effect of calming our minds!

Good food, good mood!

Taking care of ourselves when we are feeling blue is very significant. Cooking a very delicious meal can make us feel productive and happy. You can also try cooking a new dish, or a dish that you always wanted to try. New tastes always make us feel better! If cooking is not an activity you prefer, you can either order your favorite meal or go to a restaurant and have it. Self-love comes goes through the stomach too!

Happy scents

Just like eating, smelling our favorite flowers or coffee can increase our serotonin levels. There are many scents that can accomplish that! To begin with, you can always try making a tea of a particular smell. Lavender, Hibiscus, and Chamomile have a very strong, delicious, and calming smell. In addition, regardless of staying inside or going out, put on your favorite perfume. We often associate colognes with dressing up and self-caring. A perfume will certainly give you the glam you want in order to feel better! Last but definitely not least, buy yourself some candles. In particular, cinnamon, vanilla, and lavender candles have an amazing scent that makes you want to smell it all day long!

Listen to music

Music tends to lift up our spirits and make us blow off some steam. Have you ever noticed that singing along to your favorite song makes you feel like a superstar? This specific feeling is exactly what you need. So put on your favorite upbeat music and throw yourself a little party! By doing this, every bad feeling you have turns into dust as you are focused on having a fun time singing – and maybe dancing. 

“Mood chews”

Known for their ability to ease anxiety and bad feelings, Mood Chews have gained a lot of popularity in the latest years – especially during the lockdowns. Their ingredients  L-theanine, Rhodiola, and GABA affect our hormone levels as they battle stress and anxiety. They can be taken as often as needed and they come in many flavors! 

They are indeed, a revolutionary product that we can all try! Who would have known that some “chews” could fight our anxiety and stress for us? So, buy a package of the best mood chews and “chew away” your bad mood!


A bad mood can always destroy our day. Nevertheless, we are able to change that with small things that we don’t usually pay attention to. Try and do all the above, and I guarantee that you will see a difference in your mood! Caring about ourselves and our mood is very important, so make sure you always try your best to improve your mood! You know what they say, a good mood equals a good perspective on life!

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