8 Questions to Ask a Locksmith Before Hiring Them

8 Questions to Ask a Locksmith Before Hiring Them

Reaching far more than most imagine, the role of a locksmith goes far beyond just repairing locks and cutting and extracting keys. From replacing locks to more complex intervention such as repairing car ignitions and general security maintenance, a dependable locksmith is an asset in your arsenal.

Despite the many outstanding locksmiths in the Boston area, crooks and scams are never too far away which, is why there are a number of things you should keep in mind.

Who are they?

If you take away any question from this article, it should be this one, you must do your research.

Give your local locksmiths a call to get some initial information and use that time to ask all the questions you have. Taking this step will help you judge which locksmith are not only responsive but, dedicate time and energy to their clientele.

Lastly, further your research by looking into the company’s history, how long have they been in the industry? Is their staff certified? Are they a new company and if so, can they justify their expertise?

What identifications do they have?

Nobody like the idea of a stranger working on their locks or doors, much less an incompetent one which is why, it’s important to investigate a locksmith’s authenticity.

Check to see if the locksmith you’re interested in is licensed, bonded, insured or a combination of these; Any reputable locksmith will have at least one of the three.

Are they notorious?

Do they have a good reputation? An easy way to avoid dishonest locksmiths is to look for good customer feedback. Also, you can get recommendations from friends and family.

Do they offer comprehensive services?

There many types of locksmith companies out there with some focusing mainly on commercial services, some doing emergency and residential locksmith services while plenty of other locksmith in Boston do all three.

Make sure to pick one with the skillset you need.

Any emergency services?

Ideally, you want the locksmith in your contacts to be available any time, any day as we don’t know when emergencies happen and they can happen at any time.

Do they offer guarantees?

Most qualified locksmiths will offer a guarantee with at least a thirty-day warranty to cover any issue that may arise. Make sure to check they include their material within their guarantee.

How accurate is their estimate?

Getting an accurate estimate will give you more information on labor costs, service fees, part costs and more. Furthermore, a proper estimate will help you stay within your budget.

Low Rates?

Reliable locksmith will factor in transportation, labor and part costs into their estimate moreover customer needs vary thus beware of locksmith with very attractive offer there is often something more sinister hiding behind those rate.


Finding the answers to the following questions will help you select a reputable and trustworthy locksmith in Boston.

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