7 Simple Ways to Reinforce Good Behavior in a Dog

7 Simple Ways to Reinforce Good Behavior in a Dog

Dogs are intelligent creatures, and they can learn the boundaries of their behavior in your home. Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement when they do something they like. Dogs also need to be walked at least once per day and trained with commands. It’s important to reinforce good behavior in dogs so that they understand when they are behaving correctly.

1. Stock Up on Plenty of Treats

A great way to train your dog is to cut up treats into pieces and increase the size of the pieces as your dog does well. Giving a treat for good behavior will also teach them that you are doing something nice for them. Top off the treat with some yummy flavor to make it more fun for your dog. This will make your dog feel great and increase trust between you and your dog. Link up with Denver Dog Trainer, who will teach you how to raise the perfect canine companion.

2. Make Training More Fun With a Ball

If you have some time to play ball with your dog, throwing the ball is a great way to reinforce good behavior. Not only does tossing the ball help build a great bond between you and your dog, but it also encourages him to learn that good things happen when you do something right.

3. Challenge Your Dog

Dogs are not born knowing everything, so you will have to train them. One good way to do that is to use a high-value treat like cooked chicken. Build on this, and your dog will be performing better tricks in no time. This will keep your dog focused, making him one step closer to becoming a great pet.

4. Discourage Biting and Nipping

If your dog is becoming too comfortable around you again, you can discourage him from doing things that could injure you. This can be done by using a game of tug-of-war with a rope. He will continue to be aggressive as he wants that toy, so keep moving forward with your rope.

5. Use Positive Reinforcement When You Feed Him

Instead of digging through the trashcan while your dog is begging for food, give him some praise instead. This will make your dog think that you are trying to reward him for good behavior with food.

6. Take Your Dog Outside Regularly

As mentioned earlier, dogs need lots of physical exercise, and it will help keep them from biting and nipping as well. You can also teach your dog to walk on a leash if he has not already learned that skill. This will give him some fresh air and exercise, which will help curb bad behavior. They can also be trained using commands such as “sit” or “stay.”

7. Get the Family Involved

Give your dog a chance to spend time with the family, as this is highly encouraged. Dogs who spend more time with their owners are happier, and they will not have as much time to come up with ways to make you angry. Making time for your dog allows you to bond further than before, so it is all a win-win situation.

Do not forget to reward your dog for good behavior when training him. Taking time out of training helps, too, especially after coming home from work. You can choose one of these ways to reinforce good behavior in your dog, or you could choose all seven! The choice is yours.

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