7 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

If you’re going through a divorce, you’re not alone. Recent data shows that 39% of American couples get divorced, and the number is growing among older adults. When you’re heading down that path, you want to know the process is as fair as possible — and that starts with a good attorney.

Stay with us to discover seven factors you should consider when hiring a divorce lawyer!

1. Evaluate Qualifications

An attorney should be have completed an accredited law school program and earned a Juris Doctor degree (JD). After that, they’ll need to have passed a state bar exam. Check to make sure a potential attorney has passed the bar exam in your particular state.

2. Consider Communication Style

Does the divorce attorney return calls promptly? Are they handling the case or pawning it off on an employee?

These are factors you should consider before committing to a divorce lawyer. If multiple attorneys will be handling your case, check that you will be able to talk with any of them.

3. Look at Divorce Settlement Results

The best scenario is one where you don’t need to drag personal problems through the court system. Make sure to ask how often a divorce lawyer is able to settle outside of court. This can avoid drama, extra costs, and added mental anguish.

Also, ask about an attorney’s experience handling financial issues, such as spousal support. If you’ve been the primary source of income in your relationship, you don’t want to pay out too much.

4. Assess Experience with Local Court Judges

If you need to pursue custodial rights and take your case to court, you want to have some sense of what to expect. A knowledgeable custody lawyer will know how judges behave.

For instance, a particular judge may tend to favor joint custody situations. Or maybe one has a track record of assigning visitation schedules. You’ll want an attorney who is aware of a judge’s history to achieve the best outcome.

5. Ask about the Timeline

How long will the divorce settlement process take? An attorney who isn’t as interested in mediating could prolong the timeline with a trial. And the process could drag out over six months.

Whether you’re fighting for father custodial rights or spousal support, it shouldn’t take longer than necessary. Ensure that you’re getting an efficient and thorough solution with thetexasdivorcelawyer.com.

6. Know the Costs

A retainer fee is a cost you pay upfront to secure a lawyer’s services. After that, you will probably be paying an hourly cost that the lawyer should disclose right away.

7. Check for a Clear Contract

A good contract ensures that there are no surprises. All items that will require payment, like phone calls, should be itemized. And the repayment structure should be mapped out for you.

Further, the contract should outline the legal team’s approach. And it should spell out your responsibilities as a client.

Find the Right Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a painful experience, but the right divorce lawyer can make navigating the situation easier. Look at a lawyer’s experience, results, and credentials. And find someone who will communicate clearly and keep the process timeline as short as possible.

Need more tips to make it through challenging times? Check back for new articles.

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