6 Warning Signs That a Humidor Needs Maintenance or Replacement

6 Warning Signs That a Humidor Needs Maintenance or Replacement

Does your humidor seem to be running on empty? Smoke is slowly disappearing from your cigars and the air that was once filled with the spicy aroma of fresh tobacco smells now more like old socks? It may be time for some humidor maintenance or replacement.

1. The Humidor Is Too Cool

If your humidor is too cool, you could have a vacuum. Although that sounds more like an action movie than something that happens in a humidor, it does happen to cigar enthusiasts. Every time you open the humidor to add or remove cigars, you create an imbalance. That imbalance can lead to the formation of a vacuum. If there’s no air movement and the yet-to-be-used cigars are pushing the air out, your humidor will soon become a vacuum. The result is that your cigars might not stay fresh as long as they should, and they could shrink in size. Your smokes may become harder to draw, too, hurting their flavor.

2. The Humidor Is Too Hot

The opposite of a vacuum is a moldy cigar or an area where bacteria can grow. You can get a very unpleasant smell in your humidor due to getting too hot, and you could end up with a cigar that doesn’t taste as good either. When the plate inside your humidor gets too hot, it will start to melt and release moisture. It can lead to lower humidity levels because air is released into the airtight space where those moisture-laden particles accumulate.

3. The Humidity Level Is Inconsistent

When the humidity level in your humidor is inconsistent, many things can go wrong with your cigars. First, if the humidity level changes drastically, you could have cigar shrinkage issues. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that your cigars will start to feel dry and lose their flavor.

4. The Humidor Isn’t Making Noise

If you notice that your humidor isn’t making any noise, it may be time to give it some love. If your humidor isn’t making noise, it could mean that the humidifier is not working as well as it should and not as much moisture is being released into the air. If there’s no moisture, there will be less freshness and flavor in the air, leading to slower-burning cigars.

5. The Humidor Is Leaking

If your humidor is leaking, you need to pay attention; a slow leak can cause big problems. If the seal between the lid and the body of your humidor breaks down, there could be cracks in either the lid or the body. In this case, moisture will get into these areas and can cause swelling. It can also lead to the formation of mold, which could make your cigars taste bad. For more info, check this site cigarsinternational.com.

6. The Cigars Are Getting Rancid

If you notice that your cigars are starting to get a rancid smell or taste, it’s probably time for some maintenance or a new humidor. The reason that cigars can start to lose their flavor is the interaction between the wood of the humidor and the tobacco.

The signs listed above are what to look for if your humidor is starting to show signs of needing maintenance. Try to pay attention to these signs, and you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to get a new humidor or when some maintenance is in order.

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