6 Tips that Can Help you if you’re About to Write Your First Book

When you write your first book, it can be scary as you need to figure out quite a lot. One of the first things you can think of is whether you should take some time off work to concentrate on the book. You may need some guidance if you are to get the book done within a specific timeline. 

The tips you need should ideally come from people who have been there before you. It’s the only way you can be sure to trust the tips. Below are some tips that can help you if you are about to write your first book. 

1. Commit To a Title

The title of your story or book is the one that will sell you to the audience out there. It is also the one that will give you an idea of what you need to focus on with your writing. This is what will be your anchor throughout the writing process. The title’s decision can also come in handy when meeting with the likes of the veteran publishing house in your journey. An early decided title can entice them to the book early enough. You will also have thought about other ideas according to their suggestions during the meet. 

You also need to ensure that you trust the title you choose and connect to it through the various chapters in the book. When you are deciding on the title, you can also use your story. Be creative when it comes to this point and keep readers in mind. 

2. Start Small and Build 

Like anything else, you need to start small when writing your book. Please don’t start with bulky ideas when you have them flowing through your mind. You will soon get fatigued and can’t go on when you kick off in full steam. 

The same should apply when you are putting up your stories in the book. For example, you don’t want to start with the big mysteries. You need to start small and go on to the big ones as you move forward with the storyline. 

When you start with the small one, the reader will have more time to settle into it. They will then look forward to getting into the bigger story. You will have eased them into the story with little or no fuss at all. 

3. Start in the Middle

Beginnings can be some of the toughest places you can start with. You will waste a lot of time figuring out the best intro and how you can kick off the story. You are better off starting at the middle of your book – you can ease into the other parts after. 

4. Incentivize Your Readers

Your readers should be in your mind when you type that first sentence, and they need to be in your mind when you write your last. It may be your story, but you need to incentivize your readers. They need to feel like they are connected from the first to the last page. 

And it would help if you found a way to keep the readers’ attention through the book. Your book won’t even get past the publishing house if there is no incentive for the readers. In the first few paragraphs of your text, the reader usually wants to know why they need to keep on reading. 

5. Make up the Story as You Write

Your story will come up as long as you keep on writing. You can make it all up as you go on with the book; you don’t need to have the whole book in your head before you get down to writing the book. 

Several motivations will come up while you write, and you can incorporate them into the book. Having a predetermined mind can affect the appeal of the book. Be free to improvise on the book as you move ahead with your writing. 

6. Write Badly

No, don’t write badly; no one wants to read a badly or poorly written book. You should allow yourself to write badly –write. Allowing yourself to write badly will help you forget about the idea of trying to be perfect in your writing. 

The time to perfect your writing will come during the editing process of the book. Please don’t stop writing because you feel what you have written is terrible; it will catch up. When you don’t write, you will only be wasting valuable time beating yourself up trying to figure out the golden story in your head. 

When you are writing your first book, there are several things you need to look at. With the tips you have above, you will easily get into your book and have it ready in no time.

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