5 Unconventional Beauty Treatments

Culture and society have evolved a lot over the years, yet one thing remains constant – our fixation with being beautiful. Harvard Business School notes that the beauty industry is currently worth around $330 billion a year. With everyone on the hunt for new and innovative ways of beauty, it’s not surprising that today’s beauty products stem from some unconventional backgrounds. This tradition continues since many products we buy for other purposes have potential beauty applications. In this article, we look at some of those unique beauty products and what they can achieve.

1. Bee Venom

Most people aren’t even aware that bees have venom, yet WebMD mentions that their venom can positively affect the human body. Among the most common uses of bee venom are treating fibromyalgia and reducing fatigue in patients who have multiple sclerosis (MS). However, it has beauty applications too and is a component of some face masks because it can aid in elastin and collagen production.

2. Mayonnaise in Hair

When you were a kid, mayonnaise in your hair sounded like a fun prank, yet today, people use this beauty treatment regularly. Mayonnaise has a high fat and protein content, making it an ideal hair food solution. Additionally, most people are already aware that hair is one of the body’s methods of producing keratin. An amino acid in mayo known as L-cysteine helps the body produce keratin, making for stronger and more luxurious hair.

3. Snail Facials

This treatment may seem a bit off the deep end, but many people swear by it. Snails use slime to move across the ground as a lubricant, but this slime has its own benefits. Packed with mucin, when applied to the face, it can help to create a more youthful look by tightening your skin tissue. Be warned, though, having snails crawl across your face may be too much for some people.

4. Leeches

Animals aside from snails also have their beauty uses. Leeches are more well known as a medieval treatment for illnesses and have carried over to modern-day medicine. They help keep wounds clean and reduce soft-tissue damage in people who have undergone cosmetic surgery. However, more than that, leeches have been dubbed as a new type of facial treatment that sees the leeches sucking blood from the person’s stomach area and then mixing those with other chemicals to make a face mask that some claim to help tighten the skin.

5. Hemorrhoid Cream Under the Eyes

Using hemorrhoid cream to treat the condition is the most common use of the ointment, but some people have adopted it to remove dark circles under the eyes. The cream is designed to shrink blood vessels, which is basically what a hemorrhoid is. Those dark circles have a similar origin, and so the cream will also work in this case.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try

If you can’t get to a laser hair removal Medspa, the next best thing is to aim for a home remedy. Many of these unconventional treatments come from home remedies done right. No one knows where the next extraordinary home treatment that comes from a strange source will pop up. As long as you don’t do something that actively harms you, you shouldn’t be afraid to try new treatments.

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