42 Dems Want Google To Help Women Get Away With Murder

Our nation is preparing for Roe V. Wade’s overturn. Baby-killing enthusiasts are in panic mode. They’ve been protesting, pouting, and rallying all across America and now they’re even calling for ways to abort kids illegally – and get away with it. 

In a May 24 letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, dozens of Democrats demanded that Google stop collecting location data so that women can abort their babies without getting in trouble, according to Insider. 

42 Dems penned the plea where they claimed, “Google’s current practice of collecting and retaining extensive records of cell phone location data will allow it to become a tool for far-right extremists looking to crack down on people seeking reproductive health care.”

Far-right extremists are people who oppose killing babies, according to some reports. Cool.

This letter shows that legislators want Google to hide their location so that pregnant women in legal abortion states like Texas can abort their baby without fear. It’s ironic that lawmakers want to help people break the law. 

I wrote a piece earlier this month where I recounted a May 11 Zoom lecture with Aspen Institute. Speakers at the Zoom stressed digital privacy for women so they can have an abortion without fear of data brokers using them. I wrote, “Should Americans have the right to privacy? But not when it comes at the cost of innocent lives being aborted. Aspen Institute and every speaker they had on today advocated for more data privacy simply so that women can get away with the crime that is abortion.” 

Google refused to collect any evidence suggesting that women break laws, the Dems asked Google.

Please immediately change your data collection and retention policies so Google does not collect any unnecessary customer data or retain non-aggregate locations.

Unsurprisingly, the letter was signed by a number of baby murder enthusiasts. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) signed it and thinks that pro-life laws contribute to “rape culture.” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who was caught having a rage-filled temper tantrum outside the Supreme Court, signed the letter too. None other than Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) signed it and thinks that overturning Roe is a “draconian infringement on women’s freedom and privacy.” Almost 40 more anti-life pols signed the letter too.


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