4 Reasons to Use a Single Sign-on Service at Your Company

4 Reasons to Use a Single Sign-on Service at Your Company

Single sign-on services have become a valuable asset for many companies. This service is helpful because it saves time and money. In addition, it cuts down on the number of passwords you have to manage, making them more secure too!

A single sign-on (SSO) system allows employees in various departments to use their existing accounts or credentials from one central authentication provider such as Google or Facebook when accessing resources like applications and websites across different domains without logging in separately with each domain’s login procedure.

In other words, SSO can be used by your company’s IT department so that every employee doesn’t need separate access information for everything they do at work. The most popular programs are open standards called SAML and OpenID Connect.

Here are four great reasons why a single sign-on service at your company is worth considering:

A Single Sign-On Saves Money

You don’t need employees and customers to purchase separate accounts for every service they use. You save a great deal of money and time in the long run. There is also a cost savings associated with this program because every employee will not need to have their own computer.

Single Sign-On is More Efficient

In addition, managers and IT departments can control which applications employees are authorized to access by the department they work in. This means one less login for each application used at work. A single sign-on service also allows your company’s security features to be more effective than other systems because there is no password sharing between domains on different servers or networks.

Protection Against Malicious Hackers

Every user is authenticated with one username/password combination. The system will automatically log users out after 20 minutes if it detects that no activity has occurred within this timeframe or if our AI-based security layer detects any suspicious behavior. Users are given only enough access to their account data that they should have, preventing unnecessary disclosure of credit card information and personally identifying data.

Essentially this system makes it easier for administrators to provide a secure workplace environment without worrying about passwords being stolen through phishing scams and malware attacks from malicious third parties like hackers. And if anything happens – such as an employee willfully sharing information even after knowing what could happen there could be legal ramifications.

This is also a great time for your company to implement two-factor authentication, which will make it even more difficult for hackers and malicious third parties to log in or steal passwords from the system. Single sign-on services are worth looking into if you want an easier way to securely get on with your day at work without having to worry about forgetting any of the passwords when logging on!

Better Productivity and User Experience

Having to remember different passwords for each website or application can be a huge drain on productivity. Not only that, but having to type in your password every time you have to log into another site is really annoying – it’s not efficient and takes up valuable time!

That’s why single sign-on services offer an easier way of logging onto websites without all the hassle. They also make life much more convenient when signing up for other accounts like email providers because now you don’t need to worry about remembering any password details at all!

There are many benefits for organizations to use single sign-on services, including increased productivity and better user experience, security and protection, efficiency, and cost savings.

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