14 Students, 1 Teacher Dead After Mass Shooting at School in Uvalde, TX, Shooter Killed – Opinion

The massacre at Uvalde High School in Texas claimed 14 lives, including a teacher. Before the attack, the suspect had also killed his grandmother. Some others are still in danger, with at least one woman currently being treated for serious injuries. Responding officers were some of those who were part of Border Patrol and killed the shooter.

Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, in which he shared the shocking news. The shooter was also named as Salvador Romas, an 18-year old.

It is likely that this incident was targeted and was not the result of an on-campus chase as initially reported. The shooter was also a student at the highschool. As for further information about his background and motivations, we simply don’t have those answers yet. It’s likely that people will continue to search social media for this information.

It is unimaginable what has occurred here. Evil is real, and I can’t imagine what the parents of those children are going through right now.

This is a very important news story. More details will be published as soon as they are available.

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