0 for 12: The Networks Have Ignored All 12 Kamala Staffers Resigning

That makes it an additional dozen. Kamala Harris is now down to 12 staffers since June. Each one left and the news broadcasts did not mention their names to save the Vice President. 

Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Fuchs will stay in his position until Early May “to ensure a smooth transition,” according to the New York Post On Monday. ABC, CBS, and NBC did not notice his departure. 

These positions are not considered minor. Harris’s Communications Director Ashley Etienne and Chief Spokesperson Symone Bernie are just some of the people who left Harris. Sarah Gouda is Director of Speechwriting, as well. 

Fox News is live on Tuesday. 



Below is a list of all the Harris staffers that have left Harris or are on their way out: 

  • Rajun Kaur, Director for digital strategies
  • Karly Satkowiak is Director of Advance
  • Gabrielle DeFrancesch is Deputy Director of Advance
  • Ashley Etienne: Communications Director
  • Symone Bernie Chief Spokesperson 
  • Peter Velz is Director of Operations Press
  • Vince Evans, deputy director of public engagement
  • Kate Childs Graham: Speechwriting Director
  • Sarah Gouda is Deputy Director of Speechwriting 
  • Sabrina Singh, Assistant Press Secretary
  • Nancy McEldowney National security advisor 
  • Michael Fuchs, Deputy Chief Of Staff 

The number of times they were mentioned on networks after their exit was zero. ZERO. 

It’s not as though there has been no controversy about these departures. As even CNN wrote in December, there is chaos and distrust coming out of the Vice President’s office: 

Due to what they perceive as a dysfunctional, obstinate, and lacking of focus, West Wing key aides have mostly thrown their hands up at Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff — realizing that there is simply not enough time, given President Joe Biden’s rapidly growing legislative and political problems.

Both sides of the exasperation are equally pervasive. CNN spoke with almost three dozen Harris aides, officials from the administration, Democratic operatives, donors, and others to learn more about this complex world inside the White House.

The networks were certainly noticeable when Mike Pence, former Vice President, had to take a rare staffer leave. Olivia Troye was an adviser to Pence. In August 2020, she left. The 22 September 2020 Today, Andrea Mitchell hyped, “Most recently she was an adviser to Vice President Pence. But after eight months on the Coronavirus Task Force, she said she had to speak out, calling it the hardest decision of her life.” 

This segment lasted three minutes 54 seconds. The same day’s NBC Nightly NewsHer appearance lasted for just two minutes and thirty-six seconds. The September 22 Evening News Addition 38 seconds for details on her departure. October 18, 2020 Good Morning AmericaAdditional 24 seconds contributed.It took 7 minutes and 32 seconds to complete the task in less than 1 week. 

Twelve major staffers have now left the Vice President’s office amidst rumors of discontent and chaos. What, exactly, is going on in the VP’s office? Don’t look to ABC, CBS and NBC. They don’t seem to care. 

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