You’re Locked In, Distraction Is Out

Caffeine is fueling the entire world. Millions of liters of caffeinated beverages are consumed every year in an attempt to increase energy and focus. It’s no surprise that people are craving these benefits- we are experiencing a huge increase in distractions, both in the digital world and the workplace. We are exposed to 10,000 marketing messages and 80 phone notifications a day. Average attention spans have shrunk to only 8 seconds, and people are more sleep deprived than ever before. However, caffeine is not the best solution. It can alter sleep schedules, create high tolerances quickly, and does not ultimately heighten focus. 

Some of the natural routes are better solutions for long-term brain health than caffeine. This can include biohacking, which describes behavioral changes to improve productivity. Important supplements found herbs, vitamins, and amino acids are also essential to provide the nutrients that the brain needs. The WakeUp! formula incorporates a lot of these natural ingredients that are proven to support alertness and concentration throughout the day. With this patented blend of amazing ingredients, users with experiences better focus within minutes. Users can avoid many of the drawbacks associated with caffeine, such as increased heart rate or withdrawal effects.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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