Why the washing machine does not heat water

Poorly washed laundry is the first sign that the washing machine has stopped heating water. The reasons may be in improper use, as well as in the occurrence of breakdowns. The situation should be corrected immediately, because the automatic washing machine does not perform one of its main functions. In most cases this occurs due to breakdowns of the nodes responsible for heating. In this case, it is better to contact the washing machine repair service.

But first it is better to independently check whether the washing machine heats the water.

How to know if the washing machine is heating water

If the quality of washing is not satisfactory, you will need to check the heating during the next cycle. The easiest way is to choose the high-temperature mode (above 40-50 degrees Celsius) and after 15-20 minutes after starting the washing, put your hand to the glass hatch. In models with vertical loading heat is checked by touching the top lid. If you do not feel heat from the surface, then the washing machine has stopped heating water. The next step is to understand why this happened. There are a few recommendations, which you can do before calling a master.

What to check yourself if the washing machine does not heat water

  • Connection to the drain. If the technique is just installed, there may be problems with the connection of the washing machine to the drain. The water does not have time to heat, as there is a constant drain and automatic refill. This is also indicated by the noise of water intake and drain. It is necessary to raise the drain hose from the floor so that part of it is above the water level in the tank.
  • Washing mode. If you select the delicate mode, the washing will take place in cold water without heating. If silk and lace items are not washed, then you need to set another mode. For most items, the temperature is suitable from +40 to +60 degrees Celsius.
  • Control module failure. Sometimes there is a one-time failure of electronics. Therefore, if the washing machine has stopped heating water, then you need to turn it off from the network for 10-15 minutes, turn it on again and check the work.

Breakdowns, in which the washing machine does not heat water

After self-checking the problem is not always eliminated. It is necessary to diagnose all nodes responsible for heating water. And here you can’t do without a wizard. Partial disassembly of the equipment and the use of measuring instruments (multimeter) will be required. Here are the common malfunctions that lead to a lack of heating.

  • Failure of the heating element (TEN). Failure of the heating element is one of the most common reasons why the washing machine does not heat water. It is a tubular element with an internal spiral. Because of hard water, scale builds up on the outside of the body, disrupting heat exchange. If the heating element heats water, but weakly, you can try to clean it with a special agent (citric acid, antiscale and others). The internal coil burns out at sudden surges in voltage in the network or water ingress through microcracks in the housing on the coil. In this case, a new heating element is installed.
  • Failure of the electronic module. The washing machine stops heating water when washing, if there are technical breakdowns in the control module, which is a microcircuit with radio elements. It is possible that the contacts oxidized or burned out individual elements of the chip in the circuit of the heater. Therefore, the module does not send a signal to turn on the heating element, it does not turn on, and the machine does not heat water.
  • Breakdown of the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is responsible for controlling the temperature in the washing machine. It sends signals to the electronic module about the current water temperature. On the basis of its data, the control unit turns on or off the heating element. When the sensor burns out, it is not repairable, and you need to replace it.
  • Wiring breakage. Damage to the wiring is not uncommon. Because of the constant vibrations of the washing machine, there is mechanical friction of the harness with wires on other parts of the washing machine, as a result of the wiring is frayed. The wizard probes the circuit and finds a breakage. It may be necessary to re-solder the contacts or replace part of the wiring that goes to the heating element or temperature sensor.

Get your washing machine repaired

If your machine has stopped heating water, contact Superior Appliance Repair. The washing machine repair technicians in Ottawa from this service will perform a professional diagnosis and all necessary repairs. Once a faulty unit is found, the technician will replace it with a new one and check the operation of the appliance.

You can turn to the company for any breakdowns of washing machines. In most cases, the washing machines are repaired at home on the day of treatment. Superior Appliance Repair operates at affordable prices.

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