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Why Museums Should Become Digital Due To The Pandemic – With Shalom Lamm

Museums are having a tough time figuring out to still show the effects of history but while online. For decades, people have visited museums as a way to fully take history into account. Shalom Lamm, a historian, is predicting that the future of museums is digital. As remarkable as it is to visit these places in person, Lamm suggests that in order to be appealing to the public, they will have to maneuver online.

For the future of museums to have a solid representation in society, they need to figure out ways to be productive over the internet. Lamm says that their landing websites will not be enough. He knows that many students are now doing online classes because educators are afraid of exposing children to the virus. This pattern will continue until the virus no longer exists, which Lamm fears will never happen. 

These museums have some of the most creative individuals working for them. They curate these exquisite exits and they usually take months to make. Now, their efforts will go unnoticed by the public if they are not represented on a new digital platform. According to his Personal Blog, Lamm recommends creating an interactive website for children and adults to enjoy. 

By doing so the museums can raise revenue by having people purchase tickets to enter the site. This could count as a ‘school field trip’ for many students. When museums are doing more online, they will indeed attract a larger audience. Lamm believes that this will be great for international people as well. Imagine taking a virtual tour of a museum from a different country? For people like Lamm, that would be amazing. It’s clear that many international policies would have to be maintained, but overall Lamm predicts this will happen. 

In addition, these museums will have a chance to reach more people. By including online exhibits in curriculums worldwide, there will be more positive recognition on their parts. Lamm believes that the people in these museums shouldn’t lose their jobs either. The people who know the exhibits the best will have to present these exhibits to classes. By providing a specific meeting with the curators, there can be a much wider appreciation for the items in the exhibit. 

In 2021, Lamm suspects that these exhibits will be curated especially for online and interactive audiences. For example, exhibits on the solar system will have a programmed interactive observatory or something of that nature. In regards to a museum that works with representing animals, there can be a Zoom call that introduces these animals close up. 

Lamm, as said on Space Coast Daily, believes there is such an opportunity for people to take advantage of The museums have such a strong part in the culture of billions of people. It will allow people to interact with history indirectly but still on a personal level. There is so much to thank museums for. Every generation has something to offer and add. When people underestimate the power of museums, they will be greatly mistaken. Shalom has such an appreciation for those who dedicate their time to creating these exhibits. 

When they continue doing so in a more digital way, it can be very exciting and intuitive. Historians are very valued in the world and their work should not be underrated. The more people appreciate the exhibits and further, they will come. Lamm is excited to see how museums will become more digital and social through online platforms. 

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