Whoopi: ‘The Holocaust Isn’t About Race,’ Just ‘Two White Groups’

Following a Monday segment blasting podcaster Joe Rogan for spreading “misinformation,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg showed us that real misinformation and anti-Semitism was alive and well on ABC’s The View as she falsely suggested, “the Holocaust isn’t about race” but just “two white groups” going at it.

In their conversation, they discussed a Tennessee school that allegedly banned graphic novels featuring Holocaust-themed themes. Maus (in reality it was simply removed from an 8th-grade reading list and they were open to bringing it back), Whoopi described the Holocaust as “White people do it to other white people. This means that you’ll have to get along with your fellow citizens.

She also suggested The school thinking the nudity and language in the book weren’t suitable for 8thGraders were allowed to eat systemic killing,

Personally, I am shocked by the Maus story. That there were some nudity is what I find surprising. It’s about 6,000,000 people being killed in the Holocaust. But that doesn’t seem to bother you. But the naked – [Trails off]

Co-host Joy Behar agreed, calling their reason a “canard.”

A few minutes later, Whoopi let loose her full anti-Semitic perspective on what the Holocaust was: “Well also, if we’re going to do this, then let’s be truthful about it because the Holocaust isn’t about race.



Immediately following her false declaration, you could hear a pin drop on the set. It was broken by co-host Sara Haines saying “no” seemingly in agreement and Whoopi doubling down. “No. It’s not about race,” she said.

This kicked off a cacophony of crosstalk where Behar and co-host Ana Navarro pushed back by pointing out that the Nazis were targeting the Jews based on race:


BEHAR: They considered Jews a different race.

GOLDBERG: It’s not about race. It’s not about race.

BEHAR: What is it about?

GOLDBERG: It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. That’s what it’s about.

ANA NAVARRO: But it’s about white supremacy.


NAVARRO: It’s about going after Jews and Gypsies and Romas.


But these are two white groups of people,” Whoopi decried back, as the push back seemingly helped Haines grow a spine and to say “They did not see them as white though.”

“But you’re missing the point! You’re missing the point,” Whoopi raised her voice as she continued to twist the framing of the systemic slaughter of 6 million Jews. “The minute you turn it into race, it goes down this alley. Let’s talk about it for what it is. It’s how people treat each other. It’s a problem. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white because black, white, Jews, Italians, everybody eats each other.”

While all this was happening, co-host Sunny Hostin sat quietly by and only chimed in to say kids “don’t want to be cruel” when Whoopi tried to deflect back to Maus.

Whoopi’s misinformed and anti-Semitic remarks were made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Humana and Procter & Gamble. Their contact information is linked.

The transcript is below, click “expand” to read:

ABC’s The View
January 31, 2022
11:14:47 a.m. Eastern


WHOOPI GOLDBERG: And a Tennessee school pulled the graphic novel Maus out of their lessons on the Holocaust because it contained some nudity and some bad language.

Personally, I’m shocked because, you know, given the story of Maus. I’m surprised that’s what made you uncomfortable, the fact that there was some nudity. And uh, I mean, it’s about the Holocaust, the killing of 6 million people, but that didn’t bother you? However, the naked are —

JOY BEHAR: I am not sure they don’t use the naked part as kind of a canard to throw you off from the fact that they don’t like history that makes white people look bad.

WHOOPI: Maybe. Well, this is white people doing it to white people. So, this is y’all go fight amongst yourselves, but, you know —

SARA HAINES: And look at what kids watch these days and the music they listen to. To say that when proving or showing them a work of history or art or something that happened is bad language or nudity, turn off reality TV, turn off the radio, turn off everything they’re doing because kids are exposed to this stuff from really early in inappropriate situations, not ones where you’re learning or teaching.


11:19:09 a.m. Eastern

GOLDBERG: Let’s also be honest, the Holocaust is not about race.


GOLDBERG: No. It’s not about race.



GOLDBERG – It isn’t about race. It isn’t about race.

BEHAR: What’s the deal?

GOLDBERG, It’s about men’s inhumanity towards each other. It’s all about that.

ANA NAVARRO : It’s not about white supremacy.


NAVARRO: It’s about going after Jews and Gypsies and Romas


GOLDBERG: These are just two groups of white people.. How do we —

BEHAR: Well, they went after black people too.

HAINES: They did not see them as white though.

GOLDBERG: But you’re missing the point! You’re missing the point. When you transform it into race it becomes a mere fling. Let’s look at it the way it really is. This is how we treat one another. It’s a problem. It doesn’t really matter what color you are, because everyone eats the same thing, black, white and Jews included.

That’s it. If you don’t like what you hear, you can tell. MausDo you need to be alarmed if your child responds with, “Oh, my god! I wonder if it’s me?” No. They won’t say that. It’s not what they’re going say.

BEHAR: Well, hopefully.

SUNNY HOSTIN : I’m not cruel.

GOLDBERG: Yeah. The majority of children — the vast majority of them — don’t wish to be cruel.


NAVARRO, We are living in an era when people compare vaccine cards to the yellow star and where people compare vaccinations to Anne Frank. Therefore, children must learn more about the Holocaust.


GOLDBERG – To discover about man’s inhumanity towards man however it presents itself. You must be cut off.

BEHAR: Just to let you know that Maus was banned and it flew to the top 20 of Amazon’s chart last week.


BEHAR: It is more difficult to ban than we wish.

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