Woman Uses Hidden Camera to Catch People Looking at Her Boobs ‘For a Good Cause’

A digital marketer strolled through the streets of New York City with a hidden camera tucked into her cleavage to promote “breast cancer awareness.”

Whitney Zelig created the video with brother Chris Zelig and friend CJ Koegel as a way to encourage women to get early screenings for breast cancer or, as the New YorkPost put it, “for a good cause.”

The resulting clip, which captures unsuspecting bystanders sneaking a peek at Zelig’s boobs, has been viewed more than 1 million times since being posted to YouTube in mid-October.

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During the video, a message flashes across the screen: “Ladies, don’t forget to check your own breasts, too.”

The Zeligs’ mother, who is a breast cancer survivor, gets a special dedication in the viral hit.

In 2014, the same group of content creators produced a similar hidden camera video aimed at encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer.

Whitney Zelig taps into a social experiment craze

The changing dynamics between men and women have resulted in a string of high-profile social experiments that have, depending on one’s perspective, either served to raise awareness about essential cultural issues or exploited already highly contentious societal debates in pursuit of publicity.

In 2014, an ​awareness campaign by “viral video agency” Rob Bliss Creative featured an actress enduring catcalls while walking around New York City for 10 hours to highlight the issue of street harassment.

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Last year, Rob Bliss Creative was responsible for a widely criticized ​marketing stunt in which an actress duped dozens of men she matched with on Tinder into thinking they were appearing for a date, only to subject them to a “Hunger Games”-like competition.

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