When to Hire an Immigration Consultant to Help With Your Immigration Processes

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) don’t necessitate hiring a representative to help you with the processes. Similarly, they don’t promise to favor your application papers simply because you have used the help of a professional. However, there are several reasons you may want to hire a competent Vancouver immigration consultant. Read on to see why you may need help and how to find a suitable representative.

Why Hire an Immigration Consultant
While IRCC doesn’t force you to apply through a representative, the law allows you to find help if you please. Your reasons may be different, but at whichever cause, you must ensure that your representative meets the specifications of the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Law Society of Ontario (LSO). Here are some reasons you may want to consider seeking an expert’s assistance.

1.    If you Aren’t Familiar With The Process
Seeking entry into Canada means filling out numerous and complex immigration papers. An experienced immigration consultant brings in the convenience of doing it right on the first attempt. Additionally, professionals understand the documents you need and how to fill the papers. Similarly, hiring a consultant will give you the freedom to attend to other essential commitments while the process runs smoothly.

2.    If You Were Convicted of Crime
You don’t have to go into records with robbery with violence or killing in cold blood to be a part of the IRCC’s criminal blacklist. Offenses such as dangerous driving or petty theft can declare you criminally unworthy to enter Canada. However, there’s a way out of such situations, and an expert understands how to go about it, hence the need to work with one.

3.    If Your Previous Attempt Didn’t Succeed
Several reasons, including erroneous documentation, may cause the Canadian Immigration authority to deny your application. Similarly, not knowing what documents to gather and how to go about it may also make your application unsuccessful. The good news is that most of these reasons are corrigible, and a knowledgeable consultant can help. If you’re planning to retry, get help from an expert and do it right at once.

Choosing an Immigration Consultant
You have several options when it comes to choosing a representative to handle your immigration process. First, you decide whether to seek help from an unpaid or paid representative. An unpaid representative can be your friend, a family member, a spouse, or anyone who has experience with the process and offers you the services at no cost. There are not many restrictions if you settle for an unpaid representative.

On the other hand, a paid representative is professionally trained and qualified in offering the services you require. It could be a lawyer or an immigration consultant. In this case, the IRCC only accepts your papers if the organization approves the professional.

It’s advisable to watch out lest you fall into the hands of scams and cons. To play safe, ensure that the consultant has enough training and skills, ask about their experience in the field, and check out what their previous clients say about them. You may also consider going through IRRC’s tips sheet for more information on choosing immigration consultants and avoiding scams.

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