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What’s The Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy?

If you’re seeking to invest more in your digital marketing methods, content marketing is a fantastic starting point, and even bigger brands are using it to help them better connect with their audience and provide them with an enhanced experience.

In essence, content marketing is a subset of content strategy, and is just one, albeit important, facet of it. While quality content marketed well, can help a business in multiple ways, to be its most effective, it should always form part of a bigger, comprehensive content strategy. 

Let’s look at both in a little more detail:

What is content marketing?

When the content of your website is used to start, maintain and enhance relationships with potential customers, this is known as content marketing, and if you get it right, you’ll not just attract new customers, but have them attracting new customers on your behalf – for free! Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, it isn’t, and with the help of a digital marketing third party, you can create outstanding content that your customers will enthuse over.

So what’s content strategy, then?

When you look at every aspect of your content, from landing pages and tag lines to email newsletters and press releases, it should all be working in unison in order for you to achieve the very best results. When this happens, you’ve got an excellent content strategy. Consider all of the following content sources when designing an effective strategy:

  • Landing pages, logos and tag lines
  • Slideshare presentations and YouTube videos
  • Social media posts and curated content
  • Email newsletters and letters to investors or shareholders
  • Ads and outbound campaigns
  • White papers and research reports

These all help to tell a story about your business, and when combined, present a picture that is either appealing to customers and investors, or is uninspiring and does nothing to make you stand out from your competitors. To ensure that every element of content is contributing in a positive way to the market’s perception of your business and brand, they must all serve the same purpose and each be in line with your company’s vision and goals. The minute something doesn’t look or feel right to a customer, they’ll pick up on it and their trust in you will falter, or disappear altogether. After all, there are other companies offering the same thing, it’s just as easy for them to go there and find what they’re looking for, right?

The importance of a solid content strategy

Even if you have a big team of digital marketers working on promoting your brand’s content, if they’re not working in unison, their efforts will ultimately fail. In many instances, it’s the bigger companies that tend to fail more frequently on their content strategies, since there are more people speaking for the brand when compared to smaller businesses with just one CEO or a single marketer as their voice.

The single most effective way to ensure that your content is strategized effectively, is to work with third party digital marketers, who will come together to help your brand tell its story from one single, unified viewpoint. Experts in content marketing, they’ll work hard to leverage the power of quality content, and before you know it, you could be seeing an increase in revenue that you simply couldn’t have achieved without their expertise and guidance.

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