Gayle King Confronts Omarosa About Rumored Romantic Relationship With Trump

“I’m very well educated.”

Gayle King asked Omarosa Manigault-Newman about supposed rumors of a romantic relationship between the former ​White House aide and President Donald Trump during a Tuesday segment of “​CBS This Morning.”

“The two of you never had a romantic relationship?” King asked referring to Trump.

Manigault replied with a forceful denial.

“That’s a charge that’s launched against successful women to degrade them and undermine their success,” she added. “I’m very well educated. I have incredible experience. And I have never had to leverage sex to get to anywhere I needed to go.”

King’s question — depending on how one looks at it — is either emblematic of a media circus where substantive discourse takes a backseat to prurient sensationalism, or justifiable based on Trump’s chaotic personal comportment, which has opened the door to such questions.

Many conservatives, who accuse the press of unfairly covering the president, might see King surfacing lurid rumors about the president as yet another example of media bias.

On the other hand, Trump’s alleged affairs have resulted in newsworthy ​revelations that undeniably ​merit serious coverage.

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