WashPost Buries Robby Mook’s Hillary Collusion Bombshell on Page A8, Paragraph 25

A less Clinton-backing media elite might have found a — well, “bombshell” in Friday’s court testimony by former Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook that “Hillary Clinton personally authorized her campaign to share since-debunked computer data linking Donald Trump with a Russian bank” in 2016, an attempt to paint Trump as compromised by the Russians.

The Durham investigation made it to page A8 under the very boring headline “Sussmann Prosecutors Take aim at Clinton, FBI and Media” Does that mean it is to be ignored! Worse, Devlin Barrett did not include the Mook testimony until paragraph 25. 

It’s the comical claim liberal journalists make when they say “Hey! It was covered by us! Yes, that was it! It was six feet beneath the newspaper.

“I’m sure you know that reporters often publish things that aren’t true?” Assistant Special Counsel Andrew DeFilippis asked former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook.

Mook appeared taken aback, and disputed the idea that the Clinton campaign thought the Alfa-Bank allegation was any kind of “silver bullet” against Trump. Mook stated that he never was told who made the Alfa-Bank allegations to the FBI. He also denied authorizing anyone to make such claims.

The campaign did decide — and Clinton agreed — to give the allegations to a reporter, he said. Slate published a story about the allegations on Oct. 31, 2016.

Mook told jurors the Clinton campaign simply “did not trust” the FBI. “Two or three of the most damaging days of the campaign were caused by James Comey, not Donald Trump,” he said, referring to how the FBI had handled the email case.

Mook said that Alfa-Bank was only one story about possible Russian connections to Trump.

It is easy to forget that Hillary promoted the story on Halloween 2016 as an important deal. 

Mook has rightly pointed out that Clinton, her campaign staffers and affiliated lawyers sold a variety of conspiracy stories to the Post, as well as other outlets, including the Post. The liberal media covered them extensively. The Durham investigation is now over.

This is the comparison to PostIt promotes its favorites narratives Sunday. The Metro section front is about…George Wallace as President 1972? He ran as a Democrat but this was conveniently tucked in on page C-8.

The Outlook section is touted on Page One as “Reporters find pain, hope in telling George Floyd’s story.” The section is promoted the new book of black Post journalists Robert Samuels (and Toluse Olorunnipa). These headlines were boldly displayed on the Outlook front cover:

“Before I began writing this book, I thought systemic racism was an immovable, heavy cloud over our lives. Watching these families’ lives unfold, I realized that America’s original sin had left a scarlet residue.

If it’s not recognized and faced, racism is an insidious force that threatens to destroy the spirit of all Americans.

Below Outlook, “Abortion. The Buffalo massacre. And white Christian Nationalism. A toxic ideology overlaps increasingly with mainstream views,” say sociologists Samuel L. Perry & Philip S. Gorski.”

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