Venezuelan Shooting Victim Stripped of Pants in Horrific Video

“We’re confronting monsters who want to destroy Venezuela.”

A horrific video that appears to show the victim of a fatal shooting being stripped of his clothing surfaced on social media Wednesday.

The video, taken from a nearby building, shows a person in the street surrounded by a group. A man on a motorcycle eventually begins to remove the victim’s pants.

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The person, who according to reports was shot, lies motionless. Onlookers can be heard screaming in the background at the horrific sight.

“Murderers!” an unidentified woman is heard saying in Spanish.

A Twitter user who uploaded the video to social media claimed that the victim was a protester. “Look how the terrorist collectives murder and rob unarmed citizens who are just protesting for their rights,” the user wrote in a caption accompanying the video.

The incident is just the latest example of the lawlessness that grips Venezuela in the wake of an economic crisis plaguing the South American nation.


Some Venezuelans have reportedly been raiding gravesites for valuables to sell. Others have been using human remains to perform witchcraft rituals in hopes of surviving the crisis.

The crisis has only deepened in recent months, with many in the country losing access to basic necessities.

Following a power outage that caused 70% of the country to lose access to electricity, the government announced their plan to ration power for the country going forward. The rules are so strict, women are being cautioned not to blow dry their hair between the hours 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

The economic crisis in Venezuela has resulted in widespread poverty and hunger, putting President Nicolás Maduro’s hold on the socialist nation in peril. In response, the United States and many other countries have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

Maduro has remained defiant, choosing to retaliate by cutting off diplomatic ties with neighboring countries and expelling U.S. diplomats from Venezuela.

Maduro continues has blamed the United States for the situation.

“We’re confronting monsters who want to destroy Venezuela,” Maduro said while announcing the electric rationing on state TV last month.

WATCH: Jordan Peterson’s Epic Smack Down of a Reporter

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