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Blind Immigrant Flunks US Citizenship Test Because He Can’t See the Exam Questions

A blind man says he failed his test to become a U.S. citizen because he was not given reasonable accommodations, which would have demonstrated his ability to read English in Braille.

Lucio Delgado, 23, came to the United States six years ago from Mexico and currently lives with his family in Pembroke Township, Illinois, CBS affiliate WBBM-TV reported.

In an interview with WBBM-TV aired last week, Delgado described his struggle to become a citizen.

“Over here I was going to get the education I couldn’t get In Mexico,” he said. “I was going to be someone. I was going to make my family here and there proud.”

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His dreams were cut short, however, after the government denied his naturalization petition because he was “unable to read a sentence in the English language.”

Delgado was born without sight, walks with a cane and is legally blind.

According to Delgado, officials refused to provide him with a Braille test unless he furnished a doctor’s note.

“They still didn’t believe I was blind,” he told WBBM-TV.

Delgado said he did not obtain a doctor’s note because he has no health insurance.

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He is in the process of seeking an immigration attorney to assist him with an appeal, according to WBBM-TV.

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