University Makes All Graduates Pass a DEI Course, Claims Students Asked to Be Forced – Opinion

What happens to a college student who wanders off into the unknown without learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion? They don’t want to know at Illinois State University.

The school now requires that all students pass a DEI class in order to graduate.

According to WGLT (NPR, Illinois State), there will be more than one class. The choices comprise ISU’s “IDEAS” mandate — that’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in U.S. Society.

It sounds as if College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean Rocio Rivadeneyra — chair of the task force responsible for the IDEAS prerequisite — wants all graduates to know about structural oppression:

“The fact is that majority of our students are going to spend their careers and lives in the U.S. and that it was important for them to understand the history, the structures that influence equity, diversity and inclusion issues here at home.”

A Campus Climate Assessment Task Force investigated problems that needed to be addressed in 2016. Might students think to themselves, “I wish I was forced to take an extra course telling me how I’m supposed to live and where I’ve gone wrong so far”?

Rocio says yes:

“One piece of feedback that we got from student, faculty and staff survey and focus groups was that there was kind of a missing piece in our curriculum for students. That we didn’t really have a class that all students had to take that focused on domestic diversity, the issues we have with diversity here in the U.S.”

Judging by a plethora of recent headlines, such a course would appear redundant; isn’t all of college a DEI course?

There is evidence to support the assertion

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Illinois State University joins a large number of schools. According to the Education Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism in Higher Education (EEMI), 63% of higher education institutions have or are creating a diversity mandate.

Roxio says the new requirement will help graduates “put [themselves] [different peoples’] shoes and come to a better understanding.”

Students who request the course would not be required to take it, however.

Then again, the current college crop doesn’t appear as attracted to options as previous generations:



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