Twitter Debuts Erotic Ivanka Trump Fan-Fic: ‘She Longed For the Touch of Doctor Sebastian Gorka’

“None of that could kill her passion for ‘Doctor’ Sebastian Gorka.”

She is the president’s daughter and a convert Jewess. He is a Hungarian man of mystery with ties to an anti-Semitic militia. Theirs was bound to be a torrid love affair.

This week, a niche of political commentators have turned to a new brand of escapism, developing over a Twitter thread elaborate and sultry fan-fic about an imagined affair between Ivanka Trump and former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka.

It was started by author Molly Jong-Fast.

“She looked at his thin spindly neck. She could snap it like a twig, if she wanted…”” she tweeted on Sunday. She was describing Ivanka mulling the destruction of her husband, presidential golden-boy and the heir of a New York real-estate empire.

Why? Because, wrote Jong-Fast, Ivanka “longed for the touch of Doctor Sebastian Gorka.”

The licentious thread was quickly picked up by conservative operative and prominent anti-Trumper Rick Wilson.

“She’d returned, reeking of Gorka’s musk, flushed with previously unimagined pleasures,” he wrote.

The posts were shared thousands of times. And from there the plot only thickened…

And thickened…

And thickened…

And then the pushback. Inez Stepman, an opinionator at The Federalist, was aghast.

But making a more subtle point, Twitter user Courtney Shadegg mocked the manifest Trump Derangement Syndrome, which appears to have escaped the realms of political vexation and turned into a full-blown fetish and a prurient fantasy.

And to be fair, Ivanka is the first daughter of the President of the United States. Traditionally, children of the president were considered off-limits by the media.

Unlike Sasha and Malia Obama, the Bush twins, and Chelsea Clinton, however, Ivanka technically works in the White House. To some, this makes her fair game.

Also worth noting is that at the head of the administration sits a man uniquely hostile to negative commentary and bad press, but whose claim to fame rests on a successful career of tabloid fanfare and reality television. Moreover, throughout much of his career, Donald Trump has himself made his daughter a topic of yellow conversation.

Note: The editorial team hasn’t decided yet on the proper term for fan fiction written by detractors.

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