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Trump Mocks Ann Coulter and Fox News for Losing Faith: Just Wait for the Endgame…

“Maybe I didn’t return her phone call or something”

President Donald Trump on Sunday suggested conservative critics of his decision to reopen the government without securing funding for his border wall were petty and uninformed.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Trump mocked immigration-hawk Anne Coulter, who after initially hailing him as an “emperor god” has taken to calling him a “wimp,” a liar, and a failure.

“I hear she’s become very hostile. Maybe I didn’t return her phone call or something,” Trump quipped to The Journal.

While Trump’s feud with Coulter has been ongoing for some time, his attack on Fox News Monday was less expected. He went as far as to say the network understood his handling of the recently suspended federal government shutdown battle even less than “FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!”

Trump suggested the journalists had prejudged him on the matter, and should wait for the “final results.”

Trump’s touting of Hispanic support jived with a Marist poll released earlier this month that showed fully half of the demographic approved of his job performance.

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The presidential tweet apparently came in response to a Sunday morning Fox News segment in which host John Roberts and correspondent Gillian Turner debated the winners and losers of the recently suspended federal government shutdown battle. At one point, Turner said Trump “fell on his sword on the wall issue.”

In addition to the questioning by erstwhile political allies, some of Trump’s base appears to softening, according to recent public opinion polls. However, most of “MAGA” America has kept the faith that its leader is playing 4D chess on the wall, or is at least willing to give him a pass for recent events.

Even insofar as the drama has been bad news for Trump, it could be seen as a positive sign for Trumpism, indicating that the right-wing immigration-skeptical movement he inspired has life even beyond the force of his personality.

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