Liberals Melt Down After Trump Supporters Bring ‘MAGA-Mouse’ to Disney World

Supporters of Donald Trump outraged liberals by displaying pro-Trump paraphernalia, which included a cardboard cutout of Mickey Mouse wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, outside Disney World on Presidents Day.

“Is this legal?” an exasperated man can be heard saying in cellphone footage obtained by NBC affiliate WESH, which shows the Trump supporters setting up shop near the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to complaints about the assembly, according to WESH.

An officer asked the group to move to the other side of the street, which they did.

Jeff Sonksen, one of the people who was part of the demonstration that day, said the deputy told them the request came from his boss.

“He was telling me Disney owned that side. All of it. It doesn’t make sense,” he told WESH.

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Sonksen, an artist and creator of “MAGA-Mouse,” said he and his fellow Trump supporters want to come back and are contacting a lawyer to see if they have a right to remain on the sidewalk at least.

He admitted that his group had spilled over onto the landscaping.

In video of the demonstration posted to a pro-Trump Facebook page, one woman can be heard yelling at Sonksen and his group. The footage also shows passersby giving the display a thumbs-down while Trump supporters shout, “Triggered!”

On social media, several anti-Trump critics were upset by the gathering.

“This makes me uncomfortable. There were so many MAGA hats at WDW last week and I have never felt more anxious,” said one commenter.

Some urged Disney to “ban” the Trump supporters from its resorts.

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“Can someone post updates on this? Because this is awful and I need to see retribution,” another user tweeted.

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