Trump Roasts Pelosi’s Appearance on ‘Morning Joe’: ‘She Wasn’t Bad’

President Donald Trump tuned in to watch Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on “Morning Joe” and, apparently, came away pleasantly surprised by the House Speaker’s performance.

Earlier in the day, Pelosi discussed the passage of three coronavirus-related stimulus packages with “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

“I watched a portion of low rated (very) Morning Psycho (Joe) this Morning in order to see what Nancy Pelosi had to say, & what moves she was planning to further hurt our Country,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

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“Actually, other than her usual complaining that I’m a terrible person, she wasn’t bad. Still praying!” he added.

During the “Morning Joe” segment, Pelosi was asked to comment on the president’s leadership amid the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“I would join those, whether it’s the governors, the mayors, people across the country who are saying: We need the equipment, the personal protective equipment for the workers, the ventilators and other equipment for the patients. We need proper testing, testing, testing,” she said.

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“So I would say to the president, immediately, implement the Defense Production Act, insisting that businesses in our country turn to producing the equipment that we need. The American people … are united in that recognition of that need. It will save lives.”

The House Speaker argued that one thing “Democrats and Republicans alike” could agree upon was the need for healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic to be furnished with “personal protection equipment” and the equipment needed to save lives.

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