Tips on How to Start Your Own News Website

Starting any website is not an easy task. Fortunately for you, if you’re planning to create a website, we will share some tips to make it a lot easier.

A good website launch gives you a better chance of succeeding on the internet, where they’re millions of websites that have failed. Do it right, and you might not need the services of web traffic sellers like Webtrafficexperts to get your website off the ground.

Start With News Sourcing

With a new website, you might not have the resources or the connections to do investigative journalism. This is understandable, so, why not begin with sourcing your news from other outlets. 

This is where you collect information from various outlets about top stories or new developments about a particular issue. Once you’ve got all of the correct details, you can write your own piece based on that. 

You need to make sure that the information you gather is accurate, though. You might primarily be echoing someone else’s work, but you are still running a new site. As such, it needs to convey facts.

Vary Your Content

Not everyone enjoys reading political news. That’s why your website should not only have the latest political stories. Having a variety of news stories will help you attract a broad audience.

Go for opinion articles, editorials, and cover other topics like sports or lifestyle. You don’t need to become a tabloid. However, you do not want to be boring, either.

Get Listed As a Trusted Source

These days, readers place much emphasis on trust. With the proliferation of fake news everywhere, that is not surprising.

One of the ways users can determine if a news source is trustworthy or not is through stamps of approval. There are organizations right now that are reviewing news outlets and articles. These organizations can verify your website as trustworthy or untrustworthy. 

By getting listed as trustworthy, you can gain a lot more readers, and your traffic will increase. More than that, those readers will keep coming back because they already know that they can trust you. 

It’s essential that you maintain this level of trust, though. It’s not just something you need to do to retain readership. As the owner of a news site, it is also your ethical responsibility to tell the truth. 

What you are showing your visitors will likely inform their choices and thoughts. That’s a huge burden to bear.

Allow Guest Posts

You’ll be doing most of the writing for your website at the start. However, it pays to have someone else’s perspective featured on your site, as well.

As already mentioned, you need to inject some variety into your news site. Having a guest write an opinion post or featured article would undoubtedly make things more interesting.

This is doubly true if their views are controversial, and the more well-known or influential they are, the better.

Of course, you can’t choose just anybody. You need to make sure that what they want to say has some merit. More importantly, it would be best if you made sure that it is not derogatory or offensive. 

Look for guest writers whose pieces will spark a debate. 

Build Social Media Capital

Social media has become one of the most essential marketing tools in the world. Many websites are using social media platforms like Facebook to reach their target audience and drive traffic to their sites.

You too, should use social media to build a name for your news website. Become known as the online news outlet that will tell a story as it is. Create a presence on social networks so big and so constant that you can’t be ignored.

This is how you encourage users to visit your site or read your content. 

Now, it needs to be said that social media can be a brutal place to attract visitors from. But this is not the point.

What you want is to establish a presence. You need to be seen. To attract visitors from social networks is just a bonus.

What this will do is simply make your site more relatable. 

Earn Goodwill

Readers are fickle, and retaining visitors can prove to be quite challenging. That is why you will want to earn some goodwill by interacting with readers as much as possible. 

You need to be willing to hear their opinions about the things you have written. Being open to feedback will not only be giving visitors a positive impression, but it can be useful for you, as well.

You never know what improvements some suggestions can lead to. What’s more, you need to make changes or corrections when necessary. You have to remember that you are running a news site. As such, you are basically a journalist. A journalist will only report the truth.

If there were mistakes or inaccuracies in the articles you have written, it’s only right that you correct them. After all, you don’t want readers to start thinking that you are taking them for granted.

You might also want to add updates to relevant articles you have written in the past. This will help those who have not been following those stories to understand them better.

Avoid Bias

Finally, you need to avoid appearing biased. Yes, reporters can never really break away from their own world view. Their perspectives will always bleed into whatever they are writing.

However, you need to avoid being blatant about this as much as possible. Coloring facts with your own preconceptions can make you lose the trust of your readers.

To that end, if there is a story that involves one side or another, it is always best to present the facts to the best of your ability. That’s it.

Of course, this would not be the case with opinion articles. By their nature, those will have some form of bias because they reflect the writer’s thoughts. 

However, when reporting on specific incidents, political events, and legislative developments, you must be very factual.


To drive traffic to your new news website, you must be trustworthy, active on social media, and varied in terms of content. For you to achieve good traffic numbers through these means will take time. Additionally, starting your website needs web hosting services with the best support.

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