Tips for Hosting a Housewarming Party This Fall

Tips for Hosting a Housewarming Party This Fall

Fall is right around the corner, bringing an array of fall festivities and celebrations with it. The summertime and early fall are popular times to buy and sell houses, making the fall season the time of settling into new abodes. Now that many people are vaccinated, housewarming parties are more safe to throw among close friends and family. Considering the last year and a half has been spent avoiding parties, a lot of us have lost touch with how to host gatherings. Luckily for you, we’ve jotted down some of our favorite ideas for hosting a fall housewarming soiree. 

Tie Up and Loose Real Estate Ends

Before throwing a bash to celebrate your new home, make sure everything real estate related is taken care of. Are you still working on selling your old home? Look into a net proceeds calculator to get some insight on how much you’ll likely make after the sale. Still need to take care of closing tasks? Contact your real estate agent to see what needs to be done! Additionally, if your previous home has any code violations, come up with a plan for taking care of those ASAP! 

Finish Cleaning and Unpacking 

Don’t dive into another overwhelming project like a party before you make sure your home is cleaned up and your belongings are unpacked. Doing these tasks can take more time than you’d think, and having a gathering looming in the distance could put on some unnecessary pressure and make the party more stressful than enjoyable. Remember: parties are meant to be fun, not filled with anxiety. Plus, you’ll want to show off your home–– clutter and packing boxes aren’t going to do it justice.

Send Out Invitations

Once your home is ready and you’re fully settled in, send out fall themed invitations for your guests. Nowadays, people will use Facebook as a means to create an event to invite their friends, but if you’re feeling more old school, get some paper invites created and send them out to your guests. Feel free to encourage people to bring treats, drinks, and snacks to share if you don’t feel like making the preparations yourself. Afterall, moving is pretty expensive.

Create a Food and Drink Menu

Depending on who you’re inviting and what you want the vibe to be, you can create a food and drink menu that is as exquisite as catering and cocktails or as simple as some snacks and beverages. If you want to follow the autumn theme, spiced ciders and red wines alongside a charcuterie board is both easy and delicious. You can also create some pumpkin flavored desserts if you’re feeling extra festive.

Have Fun

Like we mentioned before, the biggest tip we have for your fall housewarming party is for you to have a good time. Being with your loved ones and celebrating your new home is a great start to making memories in your home. Whether you want to go with the fall theme or not, use the cold weather and fun energy that comes alongside these months to enjoy yourself and your new home!

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