The Unfortunate Fellowship – Opinion

A key difference between childhood maturity and mature adulthood is your ability to see the real gravity of any situation. In the face of an unhappy marriage, teenage love can seem unbearable. It is easier to grieve the loss of a pet than it is when you have to say good-bye to a parent or sibling. It is not a case of the former possessing no meaning, but rather how life’s hammer blows places them in proper context.

The unfortunate group of people who have lost a lot of their hearts and an immense portion of their lives can choose from two possible paths. It is possible for them to be bitter, envious and resentful of others with similar marks. They can also open up to the knowledge gained only through painful experiences of others. Unfortunate fellowship understands and can share the pain of newly bereaved people.

Invariably, there is a part of us that wonders why our existence on earth is so brief and fragile. It doesn’t matter how strongly or fervently one believes that immortality is possible and will bring about the reunion of the souls, no matter what the promises He makes. Today there is still pain and death as well as mourning and crying. This is what we see in war-affected innocents. When we look at those gone, it becomes evident to us.

The wise store treasure in heaven by freely giving love’s treasure on earth. This is where the line between hopeful and hokey can be drawn. The latter forever cry outrage as they endlessly preach love, yet practice only hate. How will one respond to genuine grief when it comes?

Many people spend their time in self-pity, self-promotion and grief. But it’s not. Many of us have had to endure someone insisting on being the groom or bride at every wedding or the widower or widower in every funeral. This is not the unfortunate fellowship’s way. It’s just unfortunate. Someone in genuine need does not need someone trying to make it more comfortable by changing the spotlight on him or her.

It is a sad fellowship that listens more than it talks. Grace is found in silent sharing; comfort comes from unspoken communication. A compassionate presence can do far more than any platitudes or attempts at comforting with forced cheer. It is scriptural to not only quote Scripture, but live it actively by being there for others when they need you. Jesus wept before He danced.

Nobody can get over their grief. You get past it. As the days pass by, we get more comfortable with this new reality. We find ourselves still reaching for the other person whether we are talking on the phone, in person or online. We can sometimes laugh. Some days are funny and others we will always remember. Others find that we need very little to make the distant stares go away. We continue to believe that it is not the end. It is not necessary to live with constant panic or morbid fear. We have life’s precious gift, and we should savor and enjoy every moment. Andrew Breitbart was a great example of how to be a happy soldier. Proverbs reminded us by Solomon that it is important to guard your heart because all you do comes from it. Keep this in mind, and don’t let love be denied.


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