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The UAE-Israel Accord is Historic

The recent deal struck by the Trump administration between the United Arab Emirates and the state of Israel is nothing short of historic. Indeed, detractors and supporters of President Trump’s alike, have commended him in an uncharacteristic fashion for brokering such a deal. With the behind the scenes work of political operators like Ken Kurson, the deal was able to come into fruition in a very substantive way. Indeed, many of the machinations had to be conducted in a very delicate and discreet way, so as not to disrupt the process.

For such a high profile foreign policy achievement, it’s incredibly difficult to keep things under wraps, and ensure that nobody leaks the developments of the process and strategy to the press. But the team behind White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner were disciplined in ensuring that no unwanted leaks transpired. This greatly helped enhance the process and ensure that everything operated in a disciplined and rigorous fashion, with little to no backlash while in process.

Ken Kurson is someone whose name has not been brought up nor given credit, as many have written and opined on this historic development. Indeed, Kurson prefers operating underneath the radar. But there’s also little doubt that Kurson’s understanding of the region; his unrivaled understanding of the media and the way it  operates; and his gentle touch, helped push this peace deal forward. The historic nature of the deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel cannot possibly be underestimated or understated. It  is a deal that our kids and grandchildren will be reading about in the history books for many years and decades to come. And for good reason.

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