The Power of Corporate Gifting

Giving the right gift doesn’t only change the recipient’s life. It can change the course of the giver’s relationship. That’s why so many corporations give corporate gifts to their clients. 4 in 5 CEOs believe that gifting provides positive and measurable ROI. Corporate gifts done right provide an immediate emotional connection for the customer. This boosts word of mouth and strengthens touchpoints. 

Not just any gift will do, however. The gift needs to fit with the corporation’s identity. Brands with well-defined archetypes rise in value by 97% compared to brands without a strong identity. A brand archetype is an easy way to categorize the personality, tone, and voice of your brand. According to Carl Jung in the 1940s, there are 12 major kinds of brand personalities in history. By aligning your brand with an archetype, the brand becomes more relatable to its customer base. 

Pairing corporate gifts with brand archetypes can create instantaneous connections. This can lead to greater sales to the tune of 40% higher ROI. Thoughtful gifting also improves brand loyalty among customers. 80% of customers would do business with a brand again after personalized experiences, which includes a gift. The best gifts are the most thoughtful and reflective.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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