The Most Unusual Personal Injury Lawsuits and Their Results

Many personal injury lawsuits are filed every day. Out of these, some are unusual, and they make you wonder what prompted the owners to do the filing. The most exciting thing is that the claimants end up winning the case and get compensated heavily. From getting frightened by a movie to a missed suicide, which results in injuries, these unusual cases keep on rising day after day. If you have not heard about these cases and their outcome, then stick to this article. We will highlight five of the cases which went into history as the most bizarre. Here is the list.

  1. A Knife on a sandwich case

What happens when you find something unusual in your sandwich? It happened in New York when a man bought his favorite sandwich, and when taking a bite, he found a knife in the bread. Even though he didn’t get harmed by the knife, he filed the case saying he had an infection resulting from it. According to the man, his stomach felt sick after consuming the contaminated bread. The case fits among these strangest personal injury claims because the man was eventually awarded $20,000 as compensation for his injuries claim due to the infection. Much focus was put on the infection suffered and not the knife on the bread.

  1. Poor weather Prediction

Most people depend on the weatherman for the daily weather forecast to plan for their day. Some rely on the weather to know how they will travel and wear clothes during the day. What happens when the prediction goes wrong? One woman sued the weatherman for having wrong predictions for the day. According to her, the weatherman predicted a fine day, but unfortunately, the opposite happened; it rained. The woman sued the weatherman since she wore light clothes for the day, and the storm caused her mental stress and damage that needed compensation. She wanted compensation for being sick, the cost of medication, and missing work. The court found the weatherman guilty and awarded the woman $1,000 as compensation.

  1. Neighbors sue teenagers for a door knock

When you hear a dock knock, you probably have a visitor or someone relaying a message. However, some knocks are never expected. Some teenagers in a nearby school decided to visit a woman and deliver some cookies to her. However, to the woman, the knocks were either too loud or unexpected. Instead of appreciating the cookies, she sued the teenagers claiming the knock made her anxious. She won the case and was awarded $900 for the suffered injuries.

  1. Mission not accomplished

What happens when you decide to die, but fate decides otherwise? A woman in New York wanted to commit suicide by lying flat on the railway line so as the train to run over her. The train did just as expected, but the woman did not die but sustained severe injuries. Did she get back to the track again? No, she sued the state for the injuries and won the case. The woman got awarded $14.1 million by the Supreme Court as damages. Instead of dying as per her mission, she rose to be $14.1 million richer.

  1. Missing Door Knob

A claim examiner in New York wanted to use the bathroom, but unfortunately, the room had no door knob installed. After finishing his businesses, he put his hands on the knob area to unlock the door, but someone was also making his way in. In the process, the door slammed, hurting his thumb finger. The injuries made him undergo surgery and eventually did not work for the next six months. To compensate for the injuries, the examiner sued the property owner for the damages and got awarded $3 million. On top of this compensation, his spouse also got $750,000 being the claimant’s dependent.

  1. The faulty phone booth case

A woman was making some calls in a phone booth case when a truck crashed into it. Even though she saw the truck coming to crash into the booth, she couldn’t rush out because the door jammed shut. With the unfortunate crash, she suffered a broken right leg, which got amputated, and some injuries on the left one, which led to a permanent disability. All these ruined her daily life, and she stopped going to work. She then sued the truck driver and the phone operator. She won the case where she got compensated massively for the injuries.

There are thousands of some strange personal injury cases which were won and compensated, and more are expected to come. You only need to have a concrete case and evidence for it and get yourself a competent lawyer. You can collect the evidence with a lawyer, contact the witnesses, file the case, and have someone to stand with you as you file your case. Through their intervention, you will win the case and get compensated for injuries suffered, no matter how strange they appear.

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