The History Behind U.S. Politics  

History of U.S Politics and Alexander Djerassi’s political role while active


The history of U.S politics is very much similar to all politics that have existed specifically throughout the last 6000 years. Those who founded what is briefly considered the ‘U.S.A’ navigated from a different continent that had a humanoid species that had its own politics that urged one side to ultimately leave. European politics in the background is typically shrouded with themes related to religion. Religion being used to control the mind of as many souls as possible. Souls that are considered ‘people’ while in brief physical tangible bodies. That is very much observable.


As many have come and went, politicians are groomed to represent the ideals of the family, whose very own ideals can also be traced. In this article, we’ll look into the politician Alexander Djerassi and his role in the U.S Politics during his particular time. That time being specifically from 2009 to 2012 where his career focused on being a chief of staff and special assistant in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. Djerassi covered the U.S relations with Israel and Iran, essentially Arab states.

The history of U.S Politics deals with territory and land. Land that once was not owned by anyone but those who’ve convinced others to fight amongst themselves, have continued to breed hostility that has various humanoid species on edge. The deep rooted psychosis can be observed and traced to perpetrators that are becoming more obvious with each passing year.

When it comes to the U.S Politics, it can be traced back to the Greeks and Romans, Hyksos. A particular humanoid species navigation patterns can be closely observed along with trends in it’s behavior. What is keeping a humanoid species in lower states of thoughts can be observed. That is when the problem that is to be resolved, can be noticed. At which point that problem can be resolved.

Politics always deals with what one side can gain from another and when there is no agreement, then war breaks out. The biggest point to remember is that that way of thinking has never solved anything. It’s not meant to solve anything. Although there are those who’ve sought to find peace, agreements. It doesn’t matter what branch someone labels themselves under. The actions of the person, show their intentions, their purpose and what is the driving force behind that soul that while in this planet calls itself a ‘person’. A person that is looking for a viable solution and agreements with awareness of the history of U.S Politics is the gentleman mentioned in this article. Though how he may word or express himself may be limited, it returns to the history mentioned in this article.
Throughout his particular career, Alexander Djerassi has done his best with what he’s been given and made aware of. Djerassi has sought to perfect democratization and establish civil society in the Arab’s part of the world and has done his part to establish a bridge for Israeli-Palestinian peace. His role was to amend, create an order but as all politics have gone for such sides, it will not be solved until a new approach is made.

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