The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Car Shipping Service

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Car Shipping Service

All car owners have to agree that everything goes better when you are prepared about what is coming. When shipping, there are crucial things you need to know and those that you don’t need to know. The shipping industry plays a volatile role in the services’ logistics. Car shipping boils down to getting a suitable company for your auto transport needs.

When placing a booking, it is realistic to place it one month earlier so that you can be able to order the drop-off and pick up points as you desire. While booking your car shipment, you are provided with a three-day window when you will be provided with your car.

Booking in advance enables you to check for any mistakes made, including the payment. It becomes a disaster at the last minute when you are unsure of the payment options and procedures.

Don’t Forget Personal Items in the Car

Before picking your car for shipping, ensure you remove all personal items such as sunglasses as they are not insured by the auto trans[ort company if they are lost or damaged. Before leaving anything in the car, ensure you consult with the transport coordinator for safety.

Do Discuss Your Drop-off and Pick Up Locations With Your Auto Transport Driver

Door-to-door transport is widely available for owners who ship their cars. When your street is wide enough, your auto transport driver can have your car delivered to you and give you an easy time. However, in very rare cases, you find the drivers unable to make a doorstep delivery.

This normally happens when the street is too narrow to allow passage or forbidden from driving in the local streets. When this happens, ensure you come up with a safe, local location where your auto transport driver can leave the car.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Car

Before the shipping company arrives to pick your car up, ensure it is clean and in its best appearance. Cleaning the car before placing it for shipping enables the transport coordinator to check for any available damages before the shipping process.

Your car can still be shipped when not clean, but it is recommended to leave it clean so that it goes through inspection faster and avoid summoning you to be present during the inspection.

Do Take Pictures of the Car Before Shipping

Taking a picture of your car before you ship it may serve as an added layer of insurance for you and your car. Ensure the picture is taken using a digital camera and has a current date of when the shipping happened.

Don’t Settle for the Cheapest Price

Settling for the cheapest price qualifies you for the cheapest price trap! Your car is an investment, and it should be given the care it deserves. Go for quality and make your shipping experience one of a kind.

When looking for shipping services, ensure you go for a company committed to their communication with you throughout the shipping process. Ensure the car is in ist right working state from the engine to the steering alignment. The car should be working so that the auto transport driver can drive it on and off the shipping carrier.

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